Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player redeems shiny fail with “lucky” double encounter

Lucas Simons
Shiny Pawmi in Pokemon S&V

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been on a roll lately, with several new events and trainers enjoying the shiny Pokemon catch spree. Like a trainer that failed to catch a rare shiny Pokemon, only to redeem himself hours later.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are filled to the brim with places to explore and Pokemon to catch. And among the rarest and hardest species to be found and collected are shiny Pokemon. Some trainers have better luck than others, and some end up outright failing.

However, some players choose to learn from failure and move forward. Like Reddit user ‘BackwoodJake,’ who proved that perseverance is key to success, even in the face of utter failure.

This trainer shared what happened when they tried to capture a shiny Pawmi and the results of the epic fail that led this Pokemon to faint.

Reddit user ‘BackwoodJake’ shared a video of this fail and said: “First time this has happened to me… Why Pawmi, why?” And then added: “At least I got my shiny Sandy Shocks that I went down there for!”

A few users responded to this post by saying: “Now, you have learned to save when you see a shiny.” And like this user said, learning from failure is the best way to move forward.

The player answered this, and also explained why he didn’t save the game prior to the encounter: “Hopefully I can remember from now on, but I just get so excited when I see one and end up blitzing them lol.”

A few hours after the failed shiny Pokemon hunt, BackwoodJake struck back and re-attempted to capture a shiny Pawmi, this time, after saving the game, redeeming himself in the process.

He then shared his accomplishment with the community and celebrated: “Thank you everyone for all of the advice and encouragement!!! You all are awesome 🙂 you’ve helped me catch both a Pawmi and Pawmo!”

The same user who advised them on saving the game prior to the encounter also said: “RNGesus has blessed you with another shiny for learning the error in your ways.” To what BlackwoodJake answered: “My hunt for Pawmi has made a new-mi!”

Puns aside, shiny hunting is not for the impatient and requires a lot of planning and buffing. If you manage to get the Shiny Charm beforehand, the better, and knowing the shiny Sandwich recipes also helps.

You can also check our guide that explains how to hunt shiny Pokemon, and if you are struggling to complete the Pokedex, here’s a list of buddies for you to trade with.

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