Pokemon S&V players discover Legends ZA Easter egg in decade old games

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Legends ZA city map.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players might’ve stumbled upon an Easter egg from the X&Y 3DS era that hinted at the Paldea region, so theories about a Legends ZA connection are flying around.

The announcement of Pokemon Legends ZA took the community by surprise, and with more information on its setting, theories are starting to surface. The Pokemon players are looking even in decade-old games for references to the new game.

Legends ZA will take place in Lumiose City during its construction, and the Kalos region city appears in Pokemon X&Y as well. When consulting a certain library in the 3DS game, a Reddit user stumbled upon very particular books color-coded like the latest games.

OP ‘Downtown_Associate10’ started thinking the Paldea region was teased back in Gen 6 when Pokemon X&Y was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, and the community quickly turned to Pokemon ZA theories.

“I am wondering if there will be any reference to the Paldea region in Pokemon Legends: Z-A… Like some subtle nods or something,” said a user who also pointed out that Legends Arceus included references to the Galar region.

Another user took more rumors into the post about Legends ZA taking place in the 1800s in Kalos, where Lumiose City was first started building: “If theories are right and Z-A takes place in the 1800s, that’s around the time Heath would’ve been publishing his research (give or take a couple decades). It’s entirely possible we’ll hear about his work, or maybe even meet him,” they added.

Adding to all the theory crafting, the Kalos region-based game connected to Scarlet & Violet might be a consequence of real-life geography, according to this player: “It makes sense that the 2 regions are connected seeming as Kalos is based on France and Paldea on Spain, which border each other in real life.”

With this far-away connection in mind, the new spin-off game set in the Kalos region might contain, as Legends Arceus did with Galar, references to Paldea. However, an unconvinced player said: “Scarlet and Violet began development three years before they were released, not 11.”

The colors are a big coincidence if back in 2013 Gamefreak didn’t have early development notes on S&V, but with Legends being a narrative-driven spin-off, and with the Kalos region surprisingly making its return, everything can be possible.

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