Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced Legends ZA villain is hidden in plain sight

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet legends za villain team flare

With Legends ZA on the horizon, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have found a shocking Easter Egg in a familiar face, hinting at connections to the villainous Team Flare in the Kalos region.

After journeying through the vastness of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its DLCs, players are gearing up for all the new Pokemon, Legendaries, return of Megas, and adventures in Legends ZA.

The second ‘Legends’ game in the franchise, this one is set in the Kalos region and fans expect to go up against the notorious Team Flare all over again.

But, it appears that a member of this sneaky group may have been in Paldea all along, and it’s a popular character players are very familiar with.

It all started after a Reddit user named ‘Rappyboi17’ posted a picture that showed the character Clive and the logo of Team Flare, indicating that his hairdo looks strikingly similar to the infamous logo that fans dread.

This shocked fellow players, who commented: “IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US THE WHOLE TIME!!!” and “HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS.”

Another remarked, “Clive truly is the best character of SV for telling us the next games the whole time,” as the game also has an obvious clue to Kalos in its map.

It gets even more interesting as Clive is the alter ego of Clavell, Director of the Naranja/Uva Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With such a prominent character hinting at Team Flare, fans had a lot to add.

“My theory is that we could see Clive in legends ZA as like literally the real young Clavell,” a trainer wrote, before adding: “You could end up establishing team Flare with him as the leader (hence the icon).”

One even said that Clive could also be Lysandre himself, the leader of Team Flare. With time travel indicated in Scarlet and Violet as well as the Legends ZA trailer, this could very well be a reality.

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