Pokemon Legends ZA fans praise new setting that breaks series tradition

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon legends za kalos region location lumiose city

With Pokemon Legends ZA, players will be able to experience a unique feature in the Kalos region that hasn’t been in any previous games.

Pokemon Legends ZA is all set for release in 2025, and players are already beyond excited to catch all the new Pokemon, the return of Megas, and digging deeper into the lore of one of the most popular Legendaries, Zygarde.

Additionally, fans are also thrilled for another tidbit about the game set in the Kalos region, that has got them hyped for Legends ZA.

After a Reddit user named ‘LeonPrien2000’ posted: “Pokemon Legends ZA is set entirely within Lumiose City,” several fans lauded the new feature in the eagerly awaited game.

Players believe that Pokemon Legends ZA would be “something like GTA” where the city is scaled up into a large open-world experience

A player mentioned, “It seems like the city will be divided into different segments, so it just as if not more likely we’ll get different zones as separate maps rather than a big, detailed city.”

While some were unsure if the city was big enough to host an entire game, veteran players pointed out that Lumiose City is built like a metropolis and it was pretty huge in Pokemon XY. They also added that the storyline could involve underground components.

Others chimed in that they were excited about the “fresh” approach and stated that a “huge open city full of Pokemon and NPCs could be really damn cool.”

With the Terarium of the Indigo Disk DLC featuring different biomes within a circled region similar to the map of Lumiose City, trainers expect the same popular additions to Pokemon Legends ZA.

“I’d like to note that Lumiose sits on the intersection between a lot of different biomes – pleasant gardens, harsh deserts, murky swamps, spooky hotel on route 16, that’s a decent amount of biodiversity,” a user pointed out.

As you wait for Pokemon Legends ZA, find out how to open the secret room in Area Zero and check out the latest moves, items, and abilities introduced in the Indigo Disk DLC.

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