Pokemon Sleep: How to get shiny Pokemon

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Shiny Rattata in Pokemon Sleep

Shiny Pokemon are a rare find in any game, and Pokemon Sleep isn’t an exception. If you’re wondering how to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, we’ve got you covered with some useful tips.

Pokemon Sleep is finally available worldwide and players are enjoying this particular experience that involves sleeping into its gameplay. Players can get to know more about Pokemon through their sleeping habits, and the art direction makes the creatures look as cute as ever in this new experience.

Pokemon Sleep also posed a question that is as old as the Pokemon franchise itself: how can you get shiny Pokemon? So, if you’re wondering the same thing, here’s everything you need to know.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle sleeping
Each available Pokemon has different sleeping styles you can unlock.

How to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

As with mainline Pokemon games, finding shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep is completely random and a very rare occurrence. While most games reveal the odds of encountering shinies, Pokemon Sleep devs haven’t disclosed that information just yet. Players believe the chances are similar to Pokemon Go‘s, meaning players have a 1 in 450 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.

While that could be disappointing, there are a couple of things players can try to maximize their chances of getting shiny creatures in Pokemon Sleep the next time they wake up.

The most essential thing you can do is try to raise Snorlax’s Drowsy Power as much as you can. This will increase the amount of Pokemon that you can encounter. The best way to do this is by cooking three meals a day. Snorlax likes to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the following hours:

  • Breakfast: 6 AM – 12 PM
  • Lunch: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Dinner: 6 PM – 6 AM

This means you should open Pokemon Sleep at least three times a day. When you do that, you’ll see your Pokemon Team has collected berries for Snorlax as well. Checking each Pokemon Helping Stats in the Pokemon Box menu will tell you how long you have to wait until they reach the maximum of berries they can gather.

Their Helping Stats also show what berries these Pokemon collect. This is very useful because each Snorlax you help grow has a set of three favorite berries. When eating these berries, Snorlax gets twice as Drowsy Power, so keep that in mind. You should build your teams based on these factors to speed up the process.

Of course, getting a good amount of sleep will also help you raise Snorlax’s Drowsy Power faster. Pokemon Sleep gives you a score from 1 to 100 based on the hours of sleep you get. You’ll need to sleep between 8 and 9 hours to get a perfect score at night. You can also take a nap in the middle of the day to increase your chances but do note that the minimum sleeping time you can register is 90 minutes.

Snorlax surrounded by Pokemon sleeping
The Snorlax helper can also appear as shiny in Pokemon Sleep.

What Pokemon can be shiny in Pokemon Sleep?

At launch, every available Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep can appear as shiny. This means you can find any of the 104 different species in shiny form if you’re lucky enough.

Even the Snorlax helper you raise at each new campsite can be shiny, but you can’t capture it. After seven days of research, you have to say goodbye to Snorlax and begin from scratch with a new one.

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. We’ll make sure to update this article if anything changes.

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