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Pokemon Sleep players want to know how to increase Snorlax’s strength, and here’s the best way to do it by taking advantage of the skills and effects of all available Pokemon in the game. If you want to know which are the best Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, we’ve got you covered!

Increasing the strength of your Snorlax is one of the main objectives of Pokemon Sleep. Apart from getting quality sleep, you can also get the job done by taking help from the Pokemon that gather around your Snorlax after you wake up.

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To make the process easier, players need to make use of the skills and effects of Pokemon in the game. They also need to assemble the best Helper Pokemon based on the skills of the available species. Therefore players are looking forward to finding out the best Pokemon Helpers in the game.

Here’s what you need to know about Pokemon skills and their effects and some of the best Helpers in Pokemon Sleep.

All skills & their effects in Pokemon Sleep

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Pokemon Sleep lets you fall asleep with your Snorlax.

All species in Pokemon Sleep have their unique skills, and they are divided into main skills and sub skills. You can unlock main skills by making friends with Helper Pokemon while sub skills can be unlocked as the Pokemon levels up in the game.

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Here are all the available skills and their effects in Pokemon Sleep:

Main skills in Pokemon Sleep

Charge Energy SRestores 12 Energy when activated
Charge Strength SIncreases Snorlax’s Strength by 400
Charge Strength MIncreases Snorlax’s Strength by 880
Cooking Power-Up SIncreases pot’s max ingredients by 7 the next time the player cooks
Dream Shard Magnet SGives 88 Dream Shards
Energizing Cheer SRestores 14 Energy to a randomly chosen Pokemon when activated
Extra Helpful SGives 4x help from Helper Pokemon
Ingredient Magnet SGives 6 random ingredients when activated
MetronomeUses one main skill randomly when activated

Sub skills in Pokemon Sleep

Berry Finding SIncreases the number of Berries a Pokemon can find by one
Dream Shard Bonus Increases the number of Dream Shards earned from Sleep Research by 6%
Helping BonusSpeeds up help from team members by 5%
Helping Speed SSpeeds up help from team members by 7%
Helping Speed MSpeeds up help from team members by 14%
Ingredient Finder SSlightly increases the chances of Pokemon finding ingredients
Ingredient Finder MIncreases the chances of Pokemon finding ingredients
Inventory Up SPokemon can have 6 more Berries and ingredients
Inventory Up MPokemon can have 12 more Berries and ingredients
Inventory Up LPokemon can have 18 more Berries and ingredients
Skill Trigger SSlightly increases the chances of the Pokemon’s main skill being activated
Skill Trigger MIncreases the chances of the Pokemon’s main skill being activated
Skill Level Up SIncreases the level of the Pokemon’s main skill by 1
Research EXP BonusIncreases the EXP earned from Sleep Research by 6%

What are Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

snorlax having a meal in pokemon sleepThe Pokemon Company
Berries and ingredients collected by Pokemon help you create different recipes for Snorlax.

In Pokemon Sleep, Helper Pokemon are five species that collect Berries and ingredients for you to cook meals for Snorlax and power it up.

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It is important for players to select the right Helper Pokemon to power up Snorlax quickly in the game.

How to select Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep players can select Helper Pokemon by checking specialties such as skills, effects, Berries, and ingredients of each Pokemon, and finding a good balance among them.

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You can find this by giving equal priority to all specialties while making sure that none of them are left out for Snorlax. We recommend selecting Pokemon with Charge Strength as the main skill, and Skill Level Up or Skill Trigger as sub skills. With this, you can power up Snorlax’s strength to anywhere between 200 and 800.

Best Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

pokemon sleep helper pokemon meowth promo imageThe Pokemon Company
Meowth can give you Dream Shards instantly.

The overall best Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep is Pikachu as it not only has Charge Strength S but it can also collect Berries for you, whether you are a new or seasoned player.

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You will need more Pokemon to collect enough Berries and ingredients to cook dishes. So, here are the best species to make a team of Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep:

  • Pikachu: The iconic Pikachu has Charge Strength S as a main skill and it is excellent for collecting Berries.
  • Butterfree: This is one of the fastest Pokemon to collect Berries in the game. Found in Greenland Isle, it is mainly a Berry collecting species but it can also bring ingredients.
  • Igglybuff: This Baby species can restore 5 Energy to every Helper Pokemon on the team, even when you are not able to sleep or you don’t want to use items to recover Energy.
  • Charmander: One of the best Pokemon to collect Berries, Charmander can get even better with sub skills such as Inventory Up, Helping Speed, and Skill Trigger.
  • Magnezone: This Steel-type Pokemon collects Belue Berry and also has the Cooking Power-Up S as a main skill. So, it can increase the number of ingredients used in meals.
  • Meowth: With Dream Shard Magnet S as the main skill, Meowth can obtain 88 Dream Shards on activation.
  • Totodile: Similar to Pikachu, Totodile is also great at collecting Berries and comes with Charge Strength S.
  • Walrein: Though it is difficult to raise initially, Walrein is excellent with Berries as it can give 2x the amount of Rawst Berries.
  • Altaria: Altaria can recover 12 energy in addition to gathering Berries. It can gather 2x Yache Berry.
  • Gengar: It is one of the best Pokemon to collect Berries and ingredients. It has one of the best combinations of the sub skills Ingredient Finder and Helping Speed.

That is all you need to know about skills, effects, and Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. For more Pokemon Sleep content, be sure to check out our other guides:

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