Is Pokemon Sleep compatible with Apple Watch?

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is the current talk of all the fans of the Pokemon franchise. It allows you to track your sleep cycles and catch Pokemon in the process, so you might be asking: Is Pokemon Sleep compatible with the Apple Watch? Here’s all we know about Pokemon Sleep’s Apple Watch compatibility.

Pokemon Sleep is the newly released App from The Pokemon Company, that allows you to track your sleep cycles and catch Pokemon in the process. It records your movements and the sounds you make when you sleep.

The Apple Watch is one of the top-tier tech gadgets on the market. Released back in 2019, it quickly made its way to the top of the wishlist for many tech lovers. It is a device that helps you during your fitness routines, measuring your heart rate, counting steps, and other body movements you made during the day, like how many hours you spent standing.

Another of its functions is to track how many hours the user slept. So, this is where many Apple Watch owners are beginning to wonder: does Pokemon Sleep offer Apple Watch compatibility?

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Can I use Pokemon Sleep with my Apple Watch device?

For the moment, Pokemon Sleep and the Apple Watch are not compatible. There’s no version of the software or device that supports compatible functions between the two, at least not for the moment.

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There’s no news about The Pokemon Company talking about plans to make it compatible in the future. The only way to make the Apple Watch compatible would be for users to create a third-party App to integrate Apple Watch’s functions with Pokemon Sleep.

pokemon sleep promo imageThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon Sleep is a sleep tracking App that will let you catch different Pokemon.

There’s another option, though, a difficult one that would require the devs to integrate the Pokemon Sleep App with the Apple Homekit. This would allow the Pokemon Sleep app to track sleep patterns using Apple Health.

Some users may find a solution soon. We will keep you informed, but for now, Pokemon Sleep only has compatibility with Pokemon Go Plus+. If you have that device, here’s a guide on how to configure it to work with your Pokemon Sleep App.

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