Are there Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

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Pokemon Sleep players can collect Pokemon and complete their collection as they aim to get a good night of rest. However, are there any Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep? Here’s all you need to know about it.

There are many types of Pokemon games out there, from the classic adventures a lot of players have grown up with to modern renditions like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite.

Now, Niantic have developed a completely new experience for the franchise called Pokemon Sleep, which is essentially a sleep-tracking app that rewards players for getting good rest. Players earn Pokemon while they sleep, the better the rest, the greater the rewards, which has left many with questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not Pokemon Sleep features Shiny Pokemon, so here’s your answer.

Does Pokemon Sleep have Shiny Pokemon?

The answer is yes, there are indeed Shiny Pokemon that players can earn in Pokemon Sleep. Just get a good night’s rest and there will be a small chance of you getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Despite only being recently released, players are already waking up to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, as their existence was confirmed further by a player on Twitter who shared an image of a Shiny Charmander they had been rewarded with on just their “second night.”

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Shiny Pokemon are an iconic addition to Pokemon games, giving players the chance to earn rare versions of their favorites. These incredibly rare color variations of Pokemon are an absolute treasure for players, so it’s great to see them in Pokemon Sleep.

All available Pokemon in the game can be encountered as Shiny. Additionally, you are able to get a special Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep, it is not a Shiny, but it is an exclusive version of Snorlax that only appears in this game.

So, what are you waiting for? Start resting with Pokemon Sleep as soon as possible so that you can increase your chances of earning a Shiny in-game.

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