Pokemon Sleep: All Berries, ingredients, recipes, more

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Pokemon Sleep players can use Berries, ingredients, and recipes to level up their Snorlax quickly in the mobile game. Now, they want to find out everything about cooking dishes for Snorlax by using these items. Here are all the details about the Berries, ingredients, and recipes in Pokemon Sleep.

Players of Pokemon Sleep enjoy loads of ways to connect with their Pokemon in the sleep-tracking game. Alongside tracking your sleep, you can also level up your Snorlax by using items such as Berries and ingredients to create mouth-watering recipes.

Players are eager to explore this exciting way of powering up their Snorlax. But to do that, they need to know the complete list of in-game items and recipes necessary to get the job done.

So, here are all the details about Pokemon Sleep Berries and ingredients, including the recipes for Curry and Chowder, Salad, and Dessert.

How to get Berries in Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep players can get Berries by tapping on their Helper Pokemon on the main screen.

You can check out the Berries that your helper Pokemon can collect to help Snorlax sleep by viewing the Pokemon menu. Pokemon with Berries Specialty can bring you more Berries than other species.

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Many Pokemon can fall asleep around Snorlax.

All Pokemon Sleep Berries

Here’s the complete list of Pokemon Sleep Berries:

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Berry NameDescription
Belue BerryThis glossy and colorful Berry has a mouthwateringly delicious appearance. However, it’s awfully sour.
Bluk BerryThough this small, delicately skinned Berry is blue in color, it dyes the mouth black when eaten.
Cheri BerryThis bright red Berry is very spicy and has a provocative flavor. It blooms with delicate, pretty flowers.
Chesto BerryThis Berry’s thick skin and fruit are very tough and dry-tasting. However, every bit of it can be eaten.
Durin BerryThis Berry is tremendously bitter. Just one bite is enough to instantly stop hiccups.
Figy BerryThis Berry is oddly shaped, appearing as if someone took a bite out of it. It’s packed full of spicy substances.
Grepa BerryOne bite of this very tender Berry fills the mouth with its sweet and tangy flavor.
Leppa BerryIt takes longer to grow than Berries such as Cheri. The smaller Berries taste better.
Lum BerryThis Berry’s gradual process of storing nutrients beneficial to Pokemon health causes it to mature slowly.
Mago BerryThis Berry progressively curves as it grows. The curvier the Berry, the sweeter it tastes.
Oran BerryNature’s gifts came together as one in this Berry. It has a wondrous mix of flavors that spread in the mouth.
Pamtre BerryThis Berry drifted from a faraway sea. It can now be cultivated even on this island.
Pecha BerryBecause of its hollow inside pocket, there isn’t a lot to eat. What can be eaten is very sweet and delicious.
Persim BerryThe more this Berry absorbs energy from sunlight, the more vividly colorful it grows.
Rawst BerryIf the leaves grow longer and curlier than average, this Berry will have a somewhat bitter taste.
Sitrus Berry

Sitrus came from the same family as Oran. It’s larger and smoother- tasting than Oran.

Wiki Berry
It’s said that this Berry grew lumps to help Pokemon grip it, allowing propagation farther afield.
Yache BerryThis Berry has a refreshing flavor that strikes a good balance of dryness and sourness. It tastes better chilled.

How to get ingredients in Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep players can get ingredients by tapping on their Helper Pokemon on the main screen.

Similar to obtaining Berries, you can check out the ingredients your Helper Pokemon can collect by viewing the Pokemon menu. Pokemon with Ingredients Specialty can bring you more ingredients than other Pokemon.

But unlike Berries, you can sell your ingredients to earn Dream Shards, the currency in Pokemon Sleep.

All Pokemon Sleep ingredients

Here’s the complete list of Pokemon Sleep ingredients and their sell value in the game:

Ingredient NameDescriptionSell Value
Large LeekWhether this is the kind of vegetable stalk that Farfetch’d like is unknown.Seven Dream Shards
Tasty MushroomA juicy mushroom with an abundance of umami flavor.Seven Dream Shards
Fancy EggA nutritious cooking ingredient that goes well with all sorts of seasonings.Five Dream Shards
Soft PotatoIts mellow flavor makes both body and spirit feel warm and fuzzy.Five Dream Shards
Fancy AppleAn apple chosen above others. It has spectacular form and a brilliant sheen.Four Dream Shards
Fiery HerbThe fiery taste of this bright-red herb will wake anyone right up.Five Dream Shards
Bean SausageA healthy sausage made from beans that Pokemon like to eat.Four Dream Shards
Moomoo MilkHighly nutritious milk. Pokemon that drink it become full of energy.Four Dream Shards
HoneyA sweet honey collected by Pokemon.Four Dream Shards
Pure OilAll-purpose oil that can be used in any type of cuisine.Five Dream Shards
Warming GingerSpicy ginger that warms the body better than any other ingredientFour Dream Shards
Snoozy TomatoA bright-red tomato. Eat it and you’ll sleep like a baby.Four Dream Shards
Soothing CacaoThis cacao bean is time-consuming to process, but its soothing effects make the effort worthwhile.Six Dream Shards
Slowpoke TailA very tasty tail of something. When it falls off, it grows back quickly.Fourteen Dream Shards
Greengrass SoybeansThis Greengrass Isle specialty is easy to process into foods that are great for training.Four Dream Shards

How to make recipes in Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep players can make recipes by using the Choose a Recipe function after studying at least 12 different sleeping styles. Tap the Snorlax during mealtime and make recipes by using the ingredients you wish to use.

By cooking various dishes using recipes, you can increase your Snorlax’s Drowsy Power and help the Pokemon level up quickly.

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Make yummy meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a variety of ingredients and recipes.

All Pokemon Sleep recipes

Here are all the available recipes in Pokemon Sleep:

Curry & Chowder recipes

Mixed CurryA mixture of different ingredients to form a delicious curry.Any random selection of ingredients
Fancy Apple CurryA simple curry that lets the natural sweetness of its apples shine.7x Fancy Apple
Solar Powered Tomato CurryA curry made using tomatoes that have turned bright red in the sun.10x Fiery Herb
5x Snoozy Tomato
Beanburger CurryThe tender bean patties are the star of the show in this curry.7x Bean Sausage
Mild Honey CurryA mild curry containing plenty of honey. Kids gobble it down!7x Honey
Drought Katsu CurryThe freshly-fried cutlet has a nice sparkle to it.7x Bean Sausage
5x Pure Oil
Grilled Tail CurryThe tasty tail elevates the flavor of the curry roux to the next level.8x Slowpoke Tail
25x Fiery Herb
Dream Eater Butter CurryThe ingredients in this curry all share a connection to deep sleep.18x Soft Potato
15x Snoozy Tomato
12x Soothing Cacao
10x Moomoo Milk
Spicy Leek CurryThe roasted leeks are fragrant and sweet as fruit, perfectly balancing the spicy roux.14x Large Leek
10x Warming Ginger
8x Fiery Herb
Spore Mushroom CurryA curry that puts you to sleep just as surely as the move Spore.14x Tasty Mushroom
9x Soft Potato
Egg Bomb CurryA curry made with oodles of love. Its ingredients are geared toward kids.12x Honey
11x Fancy Apple
8x Fancy Egg
4x Soft Potato
Hearty Cheeseburger CurryThis voluminous curry is large enough to astound even a Snorlax.8x Moomoo Milk
8x Bean Sausage
Soft Potato ChowderA thick chowder made from potatoes boiled until practically melting.10x Moomoo Milk
8x Soft Potato
4x Tasty Mushroom
Simple ChowderYou can really taste the richness of the milk in this simple chowder.7x Moomoo Milk
Ninja CurryThis tofu curry is said to have been a favorite dish of ninjas.15x Greengrass Soybeans
9x Bean Sausage
9x Large Leek
5x Tasty Mushroom
Melty Omelette CurryThis curry is topped with a masterfully-cooked omelette that simply melts in the mouth.10x Fancy Egg
6x Snoozy Tomato
Bulk-Up Bean CurryA hearty curry packed with nutrients needed for bulking up.12x Greengrass Soybeans
6x Bean Sausage
4x Fiery Herb
4x Fancy Egg

Salad recipes

Mixed SaladA mixture of different ingredients to form a delicious salad.Any random selection of ingredients
Bean Ham SaladThis simple salad features ham made from bean sausages.14x Ham
9x Fancy Apple
Snoozy Tomato SaladThe Snoozy Tomatoes in this simple salad are a great aid for sleep.8x Snoozy Tomato
Fancy Apple SaladA simple salad accentuated by a mashed apple dressing.8x Fancy Apple
Heat Wave Tofu SaladA tofu salad covered in a bright red spicy sauce.6x Fiery Herb
10x Greengrass Soybeans
Slowpoke Tail Pepper SaladThe mouth-tinglingly spicy pepper highlights the sweetness of the tail.10x Slowpoke Tail
10x Fiery Herb
15x Pure Oil
Snow Cloak Caesar SaladA bacon salad topped with a generous snowy sprinkling of cheese.10x Moomoo Milk
6x Bean Sausage
Spore Mushroom SaladA salad rich in minerals that improve the quality of sleep.17x Tasty Mushroom
8x Snoozy Tomato
8x Pure Oil
Gluttony Potato SaladThis potato salad contains just a hint of flavor from the Fancy Apples.14x Soft Potato9x Fancy Egg 7x Bean Sausage 6x Fancy Apple
Water Veil Tofu SaladA salad topped with wobbly cubes of tofu.
10x Greengrass Soybeans
6x Snoozy Tomato
Superpower Extreme SaladA hefty salad that provides all your daily nutrients at once.9x Bean Sausage
6x Warming Ginger
5x Fancy Egg 
3x Soft Potato
Moomoo Caprese SaladA basic salad containing only cheese, tomatoes, and a splash of oil.12x Moomoo Milk
6x Snoozy Tomato
5x Pure Oil
Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad
The savory sauce and sweet chocolate sauce let you enjoy a mix of flavors.
14x Soothing Cacao
9x Bean Sausage
Overheat Ginger SaladThis salad’s special ginger dressing warms you through and through.17x Fiery Herb
10x Warming Herb
8x Snoozy Tomato
Immunity Leak Salad
The crisp leeks in this salad do wonders for the immune system.
10x Large Leek
5x Warming Ginger
Dazzling Apple Cheese SaladThe simple seasoning keeps the focus on the sublime pairing of ingredients.15x Fancy Apple
5x Moomoo Milk
3x Pure Oil
Ninja SaladNinjas cannot resist the flavor of this tofu salad. It’s eaten in a flash!15x Large Leek
15x Greengrass Soybeans
12x Tasty Mushroom
11x Warming Ginger

Dessert recipes

Mixed JuiceA mixture of different ingredients to form a refreshing juice.Any random selection of ingredients
Fancy Apple JuiceA rich juice containing only the very best apples.8x Fancy Apple
Fluffy Sweet PotatoesThese perfectly ripe potatoes don’t rely on honey to deliver a sweet kick.9x Soft Potato
5x Moomoo Milk
Steadfast Ginger CookiesThese cookies give you the power to tackle hardships without crumbling.14x Honey
12x Warming Ginger
5x Soothing Cacao
4x Fancy Egg
Craft Soda PopA highly carbonated artisan soda.9x Honey
Ember Ginger TeaApples have been added to the spicy ginger, helping the tea go down easily.9x Warming Ginger
7x Fancy Apple
Jigglypuff’s Fruity FlanA very special flan that’s as springy as a balloon.20x Honey
15x Fancy Egg
10x Moomoo Milk
10x Fancy Apple
Lovely Kiss SmoothieA relaxing drink that soothes your weariness and envelops you in sleep.11x Fancy Apple
9x Moomoo Milk
7x Honey
8x Soothing Cacao
Lucky Chant Apple PieThe chunky pieces of apple in this pie are lucky finds!12x Fancy Apple
4x Moomoo Milk
Neroli’s Restorative TeaA special restorative tea made by Professor Neroli.11x Warming Ginger
15x Fancy Apple
9x Tasty Mushroom
Sweet Scent Chocolate CakeNeither people nor Pokemon can resist the lure of this cake’s sweet aroma.9x Honey
8x Soothing Cacao
7x Moomoo Milk
Warm Moomoo MilkMoomoo Milk that has been heated to further draw out its sweetness.7x Moomoo Milk
Cloud Nine Soy CakeA soy cake with a nice, light texture8x Fancy Egg
7x Greengrass Soybeans
Hustle Protein SmoothieA glass of this sweet smoothie goes down like a treat after a training session.15x Greengrass Soybeans
Stalwart Vegetable JuiceAn easy-to-make juice with natural sweet and sour flavors.9x Snoozy Tomato
7x Fancy Apple
Big MalasadaA special fried bread made using a recipe from the Alola region.10x Pure Oil
7x Moomoo Milk
6x Honey
Huge Power Soy DonutsSoy donuts fried to crisp perfection. They’re bodybuilders’ friends.9x Pure Oil
6x Greengrass Soybeans
7x Soothing Cacao

That is all you need to know about Berries, ingredients, and recipes in Pokemon Sleep. For more content on Pokemon Sleep, be sure to check out our other guides:

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