Pokemon Go Plus+: How to track sleep

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The Pokemon Go Plus+ device can be paired with several Pokemon-related apps. Here’s a guide on how you can use it to track sleep in Pokemon Sleep, including its configuration, tips, and exclusive rewards.

Pokemon Go Plus+ adds a lot of functions to several Pokemon apps, including Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Sleep. Those who use this device, can get more advantages and rewards, and even get access to certain exclusive Researches in Pokemon Go.

However, many players are wondering how to use it to track sleep. Check out our guide on how to use the Pokemon Go Plus+ device to track sleep.

How to track your sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+

To track your sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+, first, you need to pair it with Pokemon Go. To do so, you need to enable Sleep Data. Follow the next steps to configure your Pokemon Go Plus+:

  1. Tap the main menu button on your Pokemon Go account.
  2. At the top right, tap Settings
  3. Select Connected Devices and Services
  4. Tap Accessory Devices
  5. Locate Sleep Data by scrolling
  6. Toggle On Share Sleep Data with Pokemon Go.

Now, each time you go to bed, follow the next steps to start tracking your sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+:

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  1. Hold the central button on your Pokemon Go Plus+ device until the blue light turns on.
  2. Place it by your pillow, or mattress and get ready to sleep. Be mindful that if the device doesn’t properly track your sleep, you need to place it closer to your body. This can improve movement detection.
  3. When you wake up, end your sleep session by holding the main button until you see a succession of multiple colored lights. If the light blinks red, then, the sleep wasn’t recorded properly, or it lasted less than 90 minutes.
  4. You can now log into Pokemon Go and collect your rewards.

Remember to attach the safety clip and strap to the device, to prevent it from falling to the floor while you move around in your sleep.

Pokemon Go Plus+Nintendo
Pokemon Go Plus+ shines with a blue light when properly tracking your sleep session.

What rewards can you get for tracking your sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+?

You can collect Pokemon Go rewards for tracking your sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+ once a day. Remember that this is only doable if you previously paired both devices and properly registered your Sleeping Session and you are actively sharing Sleep Data with your device.

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Rewards are similar for each user every day and offer a similar daily bonus. Each time you track sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+, you will receive 1700 Stardust (2500 with cumulative bonus), a Sticker, and Two Buddy Hearts.

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