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Pokemon Sleep Pikachu

Pokemon Sleep finally launched on mobile devices, and some trainers are still wondering how to play this unique experience. Here’s a quick guide with everything you need to know before you dive into the Pokemon Sleep world, including tips, mechanics, and sleep Types.

Pokemon Sleep is the latest Pokemon app that allows trainers to catch Pokemon while they sleep. It may seem like a dream come true, but it is not as easy as it sounds, so here’s a complete guide on how to play Pokemon Sleep.

In this guide, we will explain everything about Pokemon Sleep mechanics, Sleeping Patterns and Styles, and all the Pokemon you can get in the app. Here are Pokemon Sleep pro-tips and some hidden mechanics that will let you encounter all those sleeping Pokemon.

Pikachu Sleep Styles
Some Sleeping Styles are really difficult to obtain.

How to play Pokemon Sleep during the day

Pokemon Sleep has two ways to play, and no, you don’t need to be asleep all the time in order to play. During the day, you can use the app to play with Snorlax, Pokemon Sleep’s main Pokemon.

Playing with Snorlax during the day will determine the number of Pokemon that will appear during the night. Feeding Snorlax berries will increase his “strength,” and this will be multiplied by your sleep score to produce Drowsy Power. The more Drowsy Power you have, the more chances of Pokemon appearing during your sleep.

In the morning when you wake up, you’ll find all the Pokemon that appeared during the night, collect their Sleep Styles, and befriend them to request their help and collect Berries during the afternoon.

Remember that your progress resets every Monday as you partner with a new Snorlax each week. By strengthening your bond with it, you’ll have more chances for Rare Sleep Styles to appear.

How to play Pokemon Sleep during the night

When you go to sleep, you need to leave Pokemon Sleep running. While you sleep, Pokemon Sleep registers your sleep pattern. The Pokemon Company recommends you charge your phone while you’re playing to avoid running out of power in the middle of a sleep session.

After sleeping with Pokemon Sleep activated, the app will tell you which Sleeping Style you belong to: dozing, snoozing, or slumbering.

Depending on each Style, different types of Pokemon will appear. Each Pokemon has its own Sleeping Style, and collecting each Style will depend on you having a good night of sleep and tinkering a little bit with your app.

Once you wake up, you can feed Pokemon some Poke Biscuits to befriend them and add them to your team. Your Pokemon assistants and Professor Neroli will help you with your research.

Pokemon Sleep Patterns
Pokemon can have more than one Sleeping Style.

Pokemon Sleep will collect information about your sleeping pattern. For example, average wake-up time, average time to fall asleep, average sleep duration, and more. The app will also record the noises you make while you sleep, so you can hear yourself snoring.

Certain Pokemon will be attracted to your sleeping noises, so be sure to check your app in the morning to see the results.

Pokemon Sleep will automatically delete this audio every 24 hours. Each time you complete your sleep routine you will receive a Stamp. Collecting Stamps will yield even greater rewards.

Sleeping Types & Styles in Pokemon Sleep

Each Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep has its own particular Sleeping Type. These sleepy fellows will appear around your Snorlax in the morning when you wake, depending on how you left your phone and how much Drowsy Power you gathered the day before. The way these Types appear is randomized, but there are Types bound to certain conditions.

The four basic Sleep Types can be ‘triggered’ according to the following conditions:

  • Dozing: Waking up several times during the night, checking on the app, tumbling, and moving while you sleep. Sleeping for about 90 minutes could trigger this Type. So, it’s perfect for a power nap during the afternoon.
  • Snoozing: This is a little trickier to obtain. In order to do so, you need to sleep more than 90 minutes, then, make sure the room where you sleep is as silent as possible. Meaning, no background noise, and most importantly, no snoring.
  • Slumbering: This is even harder to obtain. Your sleep session has to be continued for at least four hours, without movement or sounds registered by your App. Instead of leaving the phone near your pillow, you can try leaving it as far as you as possible, in a very quiet and secluded room.
  • Balanced: It requires many of the previous conditions and basically, can attract Pokemon from each of the prior pools. To accomplish a Balanced sleep session, you need to tumble in bed, but not too much. Do a little noise, but no snoring. Having your phone close by but not too far. The sleeping session must be in between 90 minutes to 200 minutes.

Additionally, there are four unique Styles that can be obtained in Pokemon Sleep depending on how you left your phone during the night. While all Pokemon have only one Sleep Type, most of them can have more than one Sleep Style. Here’s how to obtain those unique Sleep Styles in Pokemon Sleep:

  • Grounded-tail sleep: Leaving your Phone charging while you sleep.
  • Blinking-tail sleep: Leaving your screen on while you sleep.
  • Flattened Sleep: Leave your phone face down near you while you sleep.
  • Atop-Belly Sleep: Leave your phone by your pillow or on your bed.
Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep
In Pokemon Sleep, you will be able to befriend Snorlax and many other sleepy Pokemon.

For more detailed information about all sleeping Styles and how to obtain them, you can consult our guide with all sleeping Types and shiny Pokemon available.

Pokemon Sleep will reward players who sleep more and have better a quality of sleep. So, it’s a win-win situation. Collecting each Sleeping Style from each Pokemon will take a while, so enjoy your sleeping sessions leisurely.

Using Pokemon Go Plus+ in Pokemon Sleep

If you happen to have a Pokemon Go Plus+ device, you can pair it with your Pokemon Sleep app. Doing so will add a sixth member to your team, a unique Pikachu wearing a nightcap. You can let Pikachu know about your bedtime and wake-up time, and this little fellow will be your alarm clock during the morning or sing you a lullaby to help you sleep while the app tracks your sleeping pattern.

Pokemon Go Plus+ Pikachu also boosts your berry findings and can even unlock more bonuses, depending on your level of friendship with it.

You can also connect your Pokemon Go Plus+ to your Pokemon Go app to pair it with your Pokemon Sleep account. This will grant you extra berries each time you spin a PokeStop, for you to use in Pokemon Sleep.

That’s all we know about Pokemon Sleep and how to play it. We will keep you updated about its features in the future. For more Pokemon content and guides, you can also check out:

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