Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players warn against wasteful TM mistake

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet tm machine in pokemon center

With TMs, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can teach various moves to the species in their teams. But, it appears that many have been making a mistake in the process, and it’s something they aren’t even aware of.

TMs are one of the key items in any Pokemon game, as players can use them to make their teams stronger by helping them learn new and better moves.

This is no different for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, who need solid teams to beat Paradox Pokemon, Paldean trainers, rivals, the Elite Four and Kieran in the DLC, and also the Mythical Pecharunt.

But, it appears that many trainers have been messing up TMs repeatedly, as pointed out by a Reddit user named ‘ambientrose69’ in a post captioned: “Omg I’m so dumb.”

Adding more context to their post, the OP wrote: “It took me up until now to realize I had been wasting all my TMs every time I switched out a move. Turns out your Pokemon remember TMs after they’re taught them. SMH.”

Right off the bat, several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players admitted that they did not know about this TM feature, as they commented: “Wait what. I HAD NO IDEA!” and “I did not know this and I’ve been playing since release haha.”

Another said: “I’d like it to do as a bare minimum is prompt me whenever I’m about to delete a move that can’t be relearned!” before mentioning that they wasted TMs to make their Breloom ‘relearn’ Spore.

Fans claimed that it’s an “easy mistake to make,” as it turns out that this is a newly added update. One user pointed out that it was introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus (Gen 8), giving respite to trainers who recall not seeing this feature in past games.

Once trainers learned about this addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they praised the update. “That’s a good new improvement to the series,” a player mentioned, before another added: “Yeah, it’s a nice quality of life update. And I only found it with the new DLC when I was trying to evolve Qwilfish.”

Trainers will now be able to save TMs as well as time with this newfound info and help them focus on their grind!

In the meantime, you can check out every new move in the Indigo Disk DLC and how the Item Printer can help you in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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