Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TM guide: All Indigo Disk TM locations & crafting recipes

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Pokemon Scarlet Violet TM MachineGame Freak/The Pokemon Company

Here’s every TM location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as the crafting recipes for the newly-introduced TM Machine. We’ve included all the new TMs added in The Indigo Disk DLC, so your Pokemon can utilize the best moves in the game.

In Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon learn new moves by leveling up, but trainers can also have Pokemon learn new moves by utilizing TMs. Technical Machines have been a part of the Pokemon franchise since its inception with Pokemon Blue and Red.

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If you’re looking to take on the Elite Four or get your Pokemon in shape for the Ranked Battle Stadium, you’ll want to know where to find TMs in Scarlet and Violet.

We’ve got you covered with every TM location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as the crafting recipe to make TMs using the TM Machine and the TMs introduced in The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLCs.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet TM locationGame Freak/The Pokemon Company
TMs or Technical Machines can be found in the wild across Paldea

What are TMs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Technical Machines, or TMs for short, are moves that can be taught to Pokemon that they wouldn’t normally learn through leveling up. Of course, a Pokemon must still be compatible with the TM they’re trying to learn.

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In other words, not all TMs can be taught to every Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon have moves they learn via leveling up and another set of moves that can be taught to them via TM. Each Pokemon’s list of moves that can be taught by TM is unique.

Players can find TMs in the wild across Paldea, or by defeating Gym Leaders and other important trainers.

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How to craft TMs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet using the TM Machine

The TM Machine is a new feature that debuted in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which allows players to craft their very own TMs. There are a few conditions to be met before you can craft a TM.

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Before you can craft a TM, you’ll need to unlock the crafting recipe for that given Technical Machine. The recipe will indicate which resources you’ll need to gather and submit to the TM Machine in order to receive your new TM.

Each time you gain a new TM, its recipe will appear in the TM Machine, allowing you to replicate it. Recipes consist of items you’ll gather by primarily defeating wild Pokemon, but you can also find them scattered around Paldea.

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TM Machine menu Pokemon Scarlet VioletGame Freak/The Pokemon Company
Every TM requires specific materials to be crafted

In addition to these materials, you’ll need to submit LP as a resource for crafting TMs. LP or League Points can be earned by raiding Team Star bases, defeating Wild Terastalized Pokemon, or tackling Tera Raid Battles.

To craft a TM, head to the TM Machine booth that can be found at any Pokemon Center across Paldea. The TM Machine is the green-colored portion of these establishments.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask DLC all TM locations & crafting recipes

TMMove NameLocationRequired Resources
TM001Take DownEast Province Area Three, South Province Area Five, West Province Area One400 LP, 3 Lechonk Hair, 3 Yungoos Fur
TM002CharmCasseroya Lake, West Province Area One400 LP, 3 Azurill Fur, 3 Teddiursa Claw
TM003Fake TearsEast Province Area One, Glaseado Mountain, South Province Area Two, South Province Area Five400 LP, 3 Bonsly Tears, 3 Teddiursa Claw
TM004AgilitySouth Province Area Two, South Province Area Three, West Province Area One, West Province Area Three800 LP, 3 Fletchling Feather, 3 Oricorio Feather
TM005Mud-SlapSouth Province (Area 2), northern area200 LP, 3 Wooper Slime
TM006Scary FaceWest Province (Area 1) Central, South of Pokemon Center400 LP, 3 Stantler Hair, 3 Sandile Claw
TM007ProtectAlfornada Cavern400 LP, 3 Lechon Hair, 3 Scatterbug Powder
TM008Fire FangWest Province (Area 1)800 LP, 3 Houndour Fang
TM009Thunder FangWest Province (Area 3), edge of Glaseado Mountain800 LP, 3 Shinx Fang
TM010Ice FangMesagoza, South Province Area Four, West Province Area One800 LP, 3 Cubchoo Fur
TM011Water PulseSocarrat Trail, Fellhorn Gorge1,500 LP, 3 Buizel Fur, 3 Magikarp Scales
TM012Low KickSouth Province (Area 2)400 LP, 3 Mankey Fur
TM013Acid SpraySouth Province (Area 1)800 LP, 3 Toxel Sparks, 3 Wooper Slime
TM014AcrobaticsCasseroya Lake, East Province Area Three, South Province Area Three, West Province Area One3,000 LP, 3 Wattrel Feather, 3 Bombirdier Feather
TM015Struggle BugLevincia, Mossui Town400 LP, 3 Tarountula Thread
TM016PsybeamEast Province Area Three, South Province Area One, West Province Area One800 LP, 3 Psyduck Down
TM017EndureWest Province (Area 1) Central, Southeast of Pokemon Center400 LP, 3 Gastly Gas, 3 Mareep Wool
TM018ThiefWest Province (Area 1) Southwest of Pokemon Center, Mossfell Confluence3,000 LP, 3 Houndour Fang, 3 Shroodle Ink
TM019Disarming VoiceMesagoza, South Province Area Two200 LP, 3 Ralts Dust
TM020TrailblazeArtazon Gym reward800 LP, 3 Petilil Leaf, 3 Hoppip Leaf
TM021PounceCortando Gym reward800 LP, 3 Nymble Claw, 3 Tarountula Thread
TM022Chilling WaterCascarrafa Gym reward3,000 LP, 3 Psyduck Down, 3 Surskit Syrup
TM023Charge BeamWest Province (Area 1)800 LP, 3 Mareep Wool, 3 Dedenne Fur
TM024Fire SpinAsado Desert, East Province Area Three800 LP, 3 Gorwlithe Fur, 3 Torkoal Coal
TM025FacadeMedali Gym reward5,000 LP, 3 Komala Claw, 3 Tinkatink Hair, 3 Stantler Hair
TM026Poison TailArtazon, East Province Area One, Glaseado Mountain800 LP, 3 Seviper Fang, 3 Shroodle Ink
TM027Aerial AceCortando East Pokemon League rep, west of Mossfell Confluence800 LP, 3 Starly Feather, 3 Fletchling Feather
TM028BulldozeSocarrat Trail, south of Apple Hills1,500 LP, 3 Mudbray Mud, 3 Sandygast Sand
TM029HexNorth Province (Area 1), Timeless Woods3,000 LP, 3 Mimikyu Scrap, 3 Greavard Wax
TM030SnarlWest Province (Area 6)800 LP, 3 Maschiff Fang, 3 Squawkabilly Feather
TM031Metal ClawWest Province (Area 1)400 LP, 3 Teddiursa Claw
TM032SwiftSouth Province (Area 1)200 LP, 3 Fletchling Feather
TM033Magical LeafSouth Province (Area 4), south of Fellhorn Gorge1,500 LP, Smoliv Oil, 3 Petitil Leaf
TM034Icy WindCasseroya Lake, East Province Area Two, South Province Area Six, Fellhorn Gorge800 LP, 3 Snom Thread, 3 Snover Berries
TM035Mud ShotEast Province Area Two, East Province Area Three800 LP, 3 Sandile Claw, 3 Whooper Slime
TM036Rock TombAlfornada Cavern, South Province Area Four, Mossui Town1,500 LP, 3 Rockruff Rock, 3 Klawf Claw
TM037Draining KissSouth Province (Area 4) East of Alornada Gym, on river bank800 LP, 3 Igglybuff Fluff, 3 Flabébé Pollen
TM038Flame ChargeTeam Star Fire Base reward800 LP, 3 Fletchling Feather, 3 Torkoal Coal
TM039Low SweepGlaseado Mountain, West Province Area One3,000 LP, 3 Croagunk Poison, 3 Mankey Fur
TM040Air CutterEast Province Area One, Navi Squad’s Base400 LP, 3 Combee Honey
TM041Stored PowerSouth Province (Area 2) west of Pokemon Center, in olive field800 LP, 3 Gothita Eyelash, 3 Ralts Dust
TM042Night ShadeSouth Province (Area 2) North, in ruins, Fellhorn Gorge400 LP, 3 Gastly Gas, 3 Murkrow Bauble
TM043FlingArtazon, Caph Squad’s Base,3,000 LP, 3 Sneasel Claw, 3 Happiny Dust
TM044Dragon TailEast Province (Area 3)1,500 LP, Dratini Scales, 3 Sandile Claw
TM045VenoshockEast Province Area Three, South Province Area Two3,000 LP, 3 Toxel Sparks, 3 Salandit Gas
TM046AvalancheTagtree Thicket1,500 LP, 3 Bergmite Ice, 3 Snorunt Fur
TM047EndureBeating Team Star base200 LP, 3 Scatterbug Powder
TM048Volt SwitchLevincia Gym reward3,000 LP, Dedenne Fur, Shinx Fang
TM049Sunny DayCabo Poco, East Province Area One, West Province Area One
TM050Rain DanceSouth Province (Area 1), Kitakami Hall3,000 LP, 3 Shellos Mucus, 3 Azurill Fur, 3 Wattrel Feather
TM051SandstormEast Province (Area 3) Watchtower3,000 LP, 3 Hippopotas Sand, 3 Silicobra Sand, 3 Sandygast Sand
TM052SnowscapeGlaseado Mountain3,000 LP, 3 Snover Berries, 3 Delibird Parcel, 3 Snom Thread
TM053Smart StrikeCascarrafa, North Province Area One3,000 LP, 3 Chewtle Claw, 3 Heracross Claw
TM054PsyshockCascarrafa, Casseroya Lake5,000 LP, 3 Meditite Sweet, 3 Spoink Pearl, 3 Drowzee Fur
TM055DigSouth Province Area Three, West Province Area One5,000 LP, 3 Diglett Dirt, 3 Greavard Wax, 3 Orthworm Tarnish
TM056Bullet SeedAsado Desert3,000 LP, 3 Sunkern Leaf, 3 Hoppip Leaf
TM057False SwipeNaranja Academy or Uva Academy400 LP, 3 Kricketot Shell, 3 Chewtle Claw
TM058Brick BreakAsado Desert, Casseroya Lake5,000 LP, 3 Makuhita Sweat, 3 Hawlucha Down, 3 Crabrawler Shell
TM059Zen HeadbuttWest Province Area Two5,000 LP, 3 Veluza Fillet, 3 Girafarig Fur, 3 Dunsparce Scales
TM060U-turnCasseroya Lake, East Province Area Two, Glaseado Mountain, West Province Area One3,000 LP, 3 Nymble Claw, 3 Scyther Claw
TM061Shadow ClawTagtree Thicket3,000 LP, 3 Mimikyu Scrap, 3 Komala Claw
TM062Foul PlayTeam Star Dark Base reward3,000 LP, 3 Murkrow Bauble, 3 Sandile Claw
TM063Psychic FangsGlaseado Mountain, Levincia, North Province Area One, West Province Area One, Kitakami Wilds10,000 LP, 5 Bruxish Tooth, 3 Basculin Fang, 3 Veluza Fillet
TM064Bulk UpSouth Province (Area 5), on the east coast3,000 LP, 3 Makuhita Sweat, 3 Axew Scales
TM065Air SlashSouth Province (Area 1)5,000 LP, 3 Noibat Fur, 3 Wingull Feather, 3 Flamigo Down
TM066Body SlamAsado Desert, West Province Area Three, west of Mossfell Confluence5,000 LP, 3 Skwovet Fur, 3 Alomomola Mucus, 3 Chewtle Claw
TM067Fire PunchWistful Fields5,000 LP, 3 Meditite Sweat, 3 Charcadet Soot
TM068Thunder PunchWistful Fields5,000 LP, 3 Toxel Sparks, 3 Meditite Sweat
TM069Ice PunchWistful Fields5,000 LP, 3 Cubchoo Fur, 3 Meditite Sweat
TM070Sleep TalkCascarrafa400 LP, 3 Hippopotas Sand, 3 Slowpoke Claw
TM071Seed BombEast Province Area One, North Province Area One, Mossfell Confluence8,000 LP, 5 Shroomish Spores, 3 Bramblin Twig, 3 Smoliv Oil
TM072Electro BallWest Province (Area 1) Central, South of Pokemon Center5,000 LP, 3 Pachirisu Fur, 3 Voltorb Sparks, 3 Tadbulb Mucus
TM073Drain PunchRiver island between East Province (Area Three) and East Province (Area 2)8,000 LP, 5 Croagunk Poison, 3 Mankey Fur, 3 Crabrawler Shell
TM074ReflectMedali, Mossui Town800 LP, 3 Drowzee Fur, 3 Flittle Down
TM075Light ScreenNortheast of Artazon800 LP, 3 Magnemite Screw, 3 Voltorb Sparks
TM076Rock BlastSouth Province (Area 1), Mossfell Confluence3,000 LP, 3 Nacli Salt, 3 Chewtle Claw
TM077WaterfallNorth Province (Area 1)8,000 LP, 5 Magikarp Scales, 3 Basculin Fang, 3 Arrokuda Scales
TM078Dragon ClawSouth Province (Area 6) East of Alornada, middle of Casseroya Lake8,000 LP, 5 Axew Scales, 3 Noibat Fur, 3 Gible Scales
TM079Dazzling GleamTeam Star Fairy Base reward8,000 LP, 3 Hatenna Dust, 3 Swablu Fluff, 3 Fidough Fur
TM080MetronomeSouth Province (Area 3) Watchtower, Mossui Town400 LP, 3 Igglybuff Fluff, 3 Happiny Dust
TM081Grass KnotWest Province (Area 1)3,000 LP, 3 Cacnea Needle, 3 Shroomish Spores
TM082Thunder WaveMesagoza (South) Pokemon League rep400 LP, 3 Mareep Wool, 3 Pawmi Fur
TM083Poison JabGlaseado Mountain, North Province Area One, south of Fellhorn Gorge5,000 LP, 3 Shroodle Ink, 3 Seviper Fang, 3 Mareanie Spike
TM084Stomping TantrumLevincia Pokemon League rep5,000 LP, 3 Mudbray Mud, 3 Phanpy Nail
TM085Rest East Province Area One, Los Platos400 LP, 3 Drowzee Fur
TM086Rock SlideEast Province Area Three, North Province Area Two5,000 LP, 3 Nacli Salt, 3 Rockruff Rock, 3 Bonsly Tears
TM087TauntSocarrat Trail3,000 LP, 3 Meowth Fur, 3 Sableye Gem, 3 Sneasel Claw
TM088Swords DanceWest Province (Area 1), Fellhorn Gorge5,000 LP, 3 Zangoose Claw, 3 Gible Scales, 3 Scyther Claw
TM089Body PressEast Province Area Three, Glaseado Mountain,8,000 LP, 5 Cetoddle Grease, 3 Hawlucha Down, 3 Pawniard Blade
TM090SpikesBetween West Province (Area 1) Central and Alfornada, Fellhorn Gorge3,000 LP, 3 Pincurchin Spines, 3 Quilfish Spines
TM091Toxic SpikesTagtree Thicket, Fellhorn Gorge3,000 LP, 3 Mareanie Spike, 3 Pineco Husk
TM092ImprisonAlfornada, Navi Squad’s Base, North Province Area Two, Timeless Woods3,000 LP, 3 Bronzor Fragment, 3 Zorua Fur
TM093Flash CannonArea Zero, East Province Area Two, North Paldean Sea, South Province Area Three8,000 LP, 3 Varoom Fume, 3 Kelfki Key, 3 Tinkatink Hair
TM094Dark PulseNorth Province (Area 2), Kitakami Hall8,000 LP, 3 Zorua Fur, 3 Impidimp Hair, 3 Spiritomb Fragment
TM095Leech LifeMontenevera, Fellhorn Gorge8,000 LP, 3 Suskit Syrup, 3 Venonat Fang, 3 Kricketot Shell
TM096Eerie ImpulsePoco Path, West Province Area Three400 LP, 3 Voltorb Sparks, 3 Shinx Fang
TM097FlyArea Zero, East Province Area One, West Province Area One, West Province Area Two5,000 LP, 3 Squawkabilly Feather, 3 Bombirdier Feather, 3 Rufflet Feather
TM098Skill SwapAlfornada, Artazon, Casseroya Lake3,000 LP, 3 Girafarig Fur, 3 Flittle Down
TM099Iron HeadCasseroya Lake, Levincia, West Province Area One, Timeless Woods8,000 LP, 5 Cufant Tarnish, 3 Pawniard Blade, 3 Rookidee Feather
TM100Dragon DanceNorth Province (Area 1), Timeless Woods5,000 LP, 3 Tatsugiri Scales, 3 Gible Scales, 3 Noibat Fur
TM101Power GemArea Zero, Dalizapa Passage, East Province Area Three8,000 LP, 3 Spoink Pearl, 3 Sableye Gem, 3 Mareep Wool
TM102Gunk ShotNavi Squad’s Base5,000 LP, 3 Grimer Toxin, 3 Croagunk Poison, 3 Varoom Fume
TM103SubstituteAlfornada, East Province Area One, Poco Path, Timeless Woods5,000 LP, 3 Mimikyu Scrap, 3 Azurill Fur, 3 Falinks Sweat
TM104Iron DefenseEast Province Area One, East Province Area Three1,500 LP, 3 Bronzor Fragment, 3 Pineco Husk
TM105X-ScissorSocarrat Trail, south of Apple Hills5,000 LP, 3 Fomantis Leaf, 3 Tarountula Thread, 3 Kricketot Shell
TM106Drill RunNorth of Dalizapa8,000 LP, 5 Pineco Husk, 3 Dunsparce Scales, 3 Arrokuda Scales
TM107Will-O-WispNorth of Levincia3,000 LP, 3 Salandit Gas, 3 Shuppet Scrap
TM108CrunchEast Province Area Three, North Paldean Sea8,000 LP, 5 Maschiff Fang, 3 Bruxish Tooth, 3 Yungoos Fur
TM109TrickMedali, North Paldean Sea, West Province Area One5,000 LP, 3 Shuppet Scrap, 3 Sableye Gem, 3 Sinistea Chip
TM110LiquidationGlaseado Mountain, North Province Area One, south of Fellhorn Gorge10,000 LP, 5 Arrokuda Scales, 3 Wiglett Sand, 3 Buizel Fur
TM111Giga DrainArea Zero, Casseroya Lake, Mossfell Confluence8,000 LP, 5 Capsakid Seed, 3 Hoppip Leaf, 3 Skiddo Leaf
TM112Aura SphereDalizapa Passage, Paradise Barren8,000 LP, 5 Ralts Dust, 3 Riolu Fur, 3 Charcadet Soot
TM113TailwindWest Province (Area 1) on river5,000 LP, 3 Rufflet Feather, 3 Rookidee Feather, 3 Bombirdier Feather
TM114Shadow BallArea Zero, Montenevera8,000 LP, 5 Gastly Gas, 3 Sandygast Sand, 3 Sinistea Chip
TM115Dragon PulseWest Province (Area 2), Fellhorn Gorge8,000 LP, 5 Goomy Goo, 3 Swablu Fluff, 3 Tatsugiri Scales
TM116Stealth RockSouth Province Area Two, South Province Area Five, West Province Area Two5,000 LP, 3 Rolycoly Coal, 3 Rockruff Rock
TM117Hyper VoiceWest of Montenevera, Fellhorn Gorge8,000 LP, 5 Litleo Tuft, 3 Tandemaus Fur, 3 Skwovet Fur
TM118Heat WaveWest Province (Area 2)10,000 LP, 5 Growlithe Fur, 3 Torkoal Coal, 3 Larvesta Fur
TM119Energy BallNorth Province (Area 1)10,000 LP, 5 Deerling Hair, 3 Applin Juice, 3 Bramblin Twig
TM120PsychicAlfornada Gym Reward10,000 LP, 5 Rellor Mud, 3 Indeedee Fur, 3 Ralts Dust
TM121Heavy SlamGlaseado Mountain, South Province Area Three, West Province Area One, Fellhorn Gorge5,000 LP, 3 Cufant Tarnish, 3 Bronzor Fragment, 3 Dondozo Whisker
TM122EncoreCasseroya Lake, Levincia3,000 LP, 3 Hawlucha Down, 3 Slakoth Fur
TM123SurfSouth Paldean Sea, Kitakami Wilds10,000 LP, 5 Finneon Scales, 3 Finizen Mucus, 3 Wiglett Sand
TM124Ice SpinnerGlaseado Gym reward8,000 LP, 5 Cetoddle Grease, 3 Bergmite Ice, 3 Frigibax Scales
TM125FlamethrowerNorth of Tagtree Thicket10,000 LP, 5 Litleo Tuft, 3 Houndour Fang, 3 Numel Lava
TM126ThunderboltCaph Squad’s Base, East Province Area Three10,000 LP, 5 Pachirisu Fur, 3 Tadbulb Mucus, 3 Pichu Fur
TM127Play RoughWest Province (Area 6), Kitakami Wilds10,000 LP, 5 Fidough Fur, 3 Tandemaus Fur, 3 Tinkatink Hair
TM128AmnesiaEast Province Area Three, Mesagoza, North Province Area Two, Mossui Town1,500 LP, 3 Slowpoke Claw, 3 Slakoth Fur
TM129Calm MindNorth Province Area Two, South Province Area One, South Province Area Five3,000 LP, 3 Stantler Hair, 3 Indeedee Fur
TM130Helping HandNorth Paldean Sea, Segin Squad’s Base400 LP, 1 Eevee Fur
TM131Pollen PuffEast of North Province (Area 3), Fellhorn Gorge10,000 LP, 5 Rellor Mud, 3 Petilil Leaf, 3 Kricketot Shell
TM132Baton PassAsado Desert, Glaseado Mountain, south of Fellhorn Gorge3,000 LP, 3 Girafarig Fur, 3 Eevee Fur
TM133Earth PowerArea Zero, Asado Desert10,000 LP, 5 Silicobra Sand, 3 Shellos Mucus, 3 Barboach Slime
TM134ReversalSocarrat Trail, Kitakami Wilds3,000 LP, 3 Falinks Sweat, 3 Heracross Claw, 3 Mankey Fur
TM135Ice BeamEast Province Area One, Glaseado Mountain, Timeless Woods10,000 LP, 5 Cryogonal Ice, 3 Shellder Pearl, 3 Delibird Parcel
TM136Electric TerrainSouth Province (Area 3)3,000 LP, 3 Pincurchin Spines, 3 Tadbulb Mucus, 3 Pawmi Fur
TM137Grassy TerrainWest Province (Area 2), south of Apple Hills3,000 LP, 3 Flabébé Pollen, 3 Sunkern Leaf, 3 Fomantis Leaf
TM138Psychic TerrainEast Province (Area 3)3,000 LP, 3 Slowpoke Claw, 3 Indeedee Fur, 3 Drowzee Fur
TM139Misty TerrainNorth Province Area Two, South Province Area Four,3,000 LP, 3 Klefki Key, 3 Igglybuff Fluff, 3 Flabébé Pollen
TM140Nasty PlotArea Zero, Naranja Academy, Uva Academy, south of Apple Hills5,000 LP, 3 Meowth Fur, 3 Spiritomb Fragment, 3 Tatsugiri Scales
TM141Fire BlastNorth Province (Area 2), Fellhorn Gorge12,000 LP, 5 Numel Lava, 3 Sandalit Gas, 3 Torkoal Coal
TM142Hydro PumpArea Zero, Casseroya Lake, Fellhorn Gorge12,0000 LP, 5 Finizen Mucus, 3 Finneon Scales, 3 Luvdisc Scales
TM143BlizzardArea Zero, Glaseado Mountain12,000 LP, 5 Snorunt Fur, 3 Snover Berries, 3 Cryogonal Ice
TM144Fire PledgeEast Paldean Sea island8,000 LP, 3 Salandit Gas, 3 Numel Lava, 3 Capsakid Seed
TM145Water PledgeEast Paldean Sea8,000 LP, 3 Luvdisc Scales, 3 Alomomola Mucus, 3 Shellder Pearl
TM146Grass PledgeEast Paldean Sea8,000 LP, 3 Applin Juice, Toedscool Flaps, 3 Deerling Hair
TM147Wild ChargeNorth Province Area Two10,000 LP, 5 Shinx Fang, 3 Pichu Fur, 3 Tynamo Slime
TM148Sludge BombNorth Province (Area 2)10,000 LP, 5 Croagunk Poison, 3 Grimer Toxin, 3 Foongus Spore
TM149EarthquakeArea Zero, Cascarrafa, Infernal Pass12,000 LP, 5 Phanpy Nail, 3 Diglett Dirt, 3 Barboach Slime
TM150Stone EdgeArea Zero, North Province Area One
TM151Phantom ForceAsado Desert, Timeless Woods10,000 LP, 5 Sinistea Chip, 3 Shuppet Scrap, 3 Greavard Wax
TM152Giga ImpactEast Paldean Sea island14,000 LP, 8 Tauros Hair, 5 Zangoose Claw, 3 Slakoth Fur
TM153Blast BurnNorth Province Area One14,000 LP, 8 Houndour Fang, 5 Charcadet Soot, 3 Growlithe Fur
TM154Hyrdo CannonNorth Province Area One14,000 LP, 8 Qwilfish Spines, 5 Dondozo Whisker, 3 Luvdisc
TM155Frenzy PlantNorth Province Area One14,000 LP, 8 Tropius Leaf, 5 Skiddo Leaf, 3 Cacnea Needle
TM156OutrageArea Zero, North Province Area Two12,000 LP, 5 Axew Scales, 3 Dratini Scales, 3 Frgibax Scales
TM157OverheatAlfornada Cavern, Glaseado Mountain, Fellhorn Gorge12,000 LP, 5 Litleto Tuft, 3 Numel Lava, 3 Capsakid Seed
TM158Focus BlastAlfornada, Kitakami Wilds12,000 LP, 5 Flamigo Down, 3 Meditite Sweat, 3 Impidimp Hair
TM159Leaf StormArea Zero, North Province Area Three
TM160HurricaneCasseroya Lake Watchtower (South), Infernal Pass12,000 LP, 5 Swablu Fluff, 3 Oricorio Feather, 3 Wingull Feather
TM161Trick RoomArea Zero, Levincia, West Province Area One, Fellhorn Gorge5,000 LP, 3 Hatenna Dust, 3 Bronzor Fragment, 3 Gothita Eyelash
TM162Bug BuzzCasseroya Lake, North Province Area Two10,000 LP, 5 Kricketot Shell, 3 Combee Honey, 3 Venonat Fang
TM163Hyper BeamEast Paldean Sea island, Porto Marinada lighthouse14,000 LP, 8 Dratini Scales, 5 Goomy Goo, 3 Tauros Hair
TM164Brave BirdSocarrat Trail, Fellhorn Gorge12,000 LP, 5 Starly Feather, 3 Rufflet Feather, 3 Rookidee Feather
TM165Flare BlitzAlfornada, Area Zero12,000 LP, 5 Growlithe Fur, 3 Fletchling Feather, 3 Charcadet Soot
TM166ThunderCasseroya Lake, South Province Area Three, Timeless Woods12,000 LP, 5 Dedenne Fur, 3 Pichu Fur, 3 Tynamo Slime
TM167Close CombatTeam Star Fighting Base reward12,000 LP, 5 Riolu Fur, 3 Crawbrawler Shell, 3 Makuhita Sweat
TM168Solar BeamEast Province (Area 3), near coastline12,000 LP, 5 Bounsweet Sweat, 3 Tropius Leaf, 3 Foongus Spores
TM169Draco MeteorArea Zero, Mesagoza14,000 LP, 8 Goomy Goo, 5 Frigibax Scales, 3 Applin Juice
TM170Steel BeamArea Zero, North Province Area Three, Kitakami Wilds14,000 LP 8 Magnemite Screw, 5 Orthworm Tarnish, 3 Cufant Tarnish
TM171Tera BlastAfter Medali Gym battle and Nemona fight8,000 LP, 8 Glimmet Crystal
TM172RoarSouth of Apple Hills200 LP, 2 Houndour Fang, 3 Poochyena Fang
TM173ChargeMossui Town400 LP, 3 Pichu Fur
TM174HazeSouth of Fellhorn Gorge400 LP, 2 Feebas Scales
TM175ToxicLoyalty Plaza800 LP, 3 Ekans Fang, 2 Koffing Gas
TM176Sand TombInfernal Pass400 LP, 2 Diglett Dirt, 3 Sandshrew Claw
TM177SpiteMossui Town, under the bridge200 LP, 2 Gastly Gas, 2 Duskull Fragment
TM178GravityFellhorn Gorge400 LP, 4 Nosepass Fragment, 2 Cleffa Fur
TM179Smack DownWistful Fields800 LP, 3 Geodude Fragment, 3 Carbink Jewel
TM180Gyro BallInfernal Pass10,000 LP, 4 Bronzor Fragment, 4 Nosepass Fragment
TM181Knock OffInfernal Pass14,000 LP, 4 Seedot Stem, 4 Corphish Shell
TM182Bug BiteApple Hills3,000 LP, 2 Surskit Syrup, 2 Yanma Spike, 2 Sewaddle Leaf
TM183Super FangOni’s Maw5,000 LP, 3 Tandemaus Fur, 3 Sandshrew Claw
TM184Vacuum WaveInfernal Pass3,000 LP, 3 Riolu Fur, 2 Croagunk Poison
TM185LungeReveler’s Road5,000 LP, 3 Kricketot Shell, 3 Sewaddle Leaf
TM186High HorsepowerParadise Barrens5,000 LP, 4 Mudbray Mud, 2 Swinub Hair
TM187Icicle SpearChilling Waterhead10,000 LP, 3 Snorunt Fur, 3 Swinub Hair
TM188ScaldInfernal Pass8,000 LP, 3 Slowpoke Claw, 3 Poltchageist Powder
TM189Heat CrashFellhorn Gorge8,000 LP, 4 Slugma Lava, 2 Munchlax Fang
TM190Solar BladeOni Mountain12,000 LP, 4 Seedot Stem, 2 Sewaddle Leaf
TM191UproarOni’s Maw5,000 LP, 4 Lotad Leaf, 2 Chingling Fragment
TM192Focus PunchReveler’s Road8,000 LP, 3 Timburr Sweat, 3 Jangmo-o Scales
TM193Weather BallEast of Mossfell Confluence1,500 LP, 3 Petilil Leaf, 3 Vulpix Fur
TM194Grassy GlideApple Hills10,000 LP, 3 Bellsprout Vine, 3 Seedot Stem
TM195Burning JealousyFellhorn Gorge, inside a cave8,000 LP, 2 Mimikyu Scrap, 2 Vulpix Fur, 2 Litwick Soot
TM196Flip TurnChilling Waterhead5,000 LP, 2 Basculin Fang, 2 Veluza Fillet
TM197Dual WingbeatFellhorn Gorge5,000 LP, 3 Bombirdier Feather, 3 Ducklett Feather
TM198PoltergeistReveler’s Road14,000 LP, 2 Phantump Twig, 2 Litwick Soot
TM199Lash OutTimeless Woods5,000 LP, 2 Pawniard Blade, 3 Vullaby Feather
TM200Scale ShotInfernal Pass10,000 LP, 2 Gible Scales, 2 Jangmo-o Scales
TM201Misty ExplosionKitakami Wilds14,000 LP, 2 Carbink Jewel, 3 Cleffa Fur
TM202Pain Split3,000 LP, 2 Comfey Flower, 3 Solosis Gel
TM203Psych Up400 LP, 2 Stantler Hair, 1 Porygon Fragment
TM204Double-Edge10,000 LP, 2 Tauros Hair, 4 Rhyhorn Fang
TM205Endeavor5,000 LP, 3 Tauros Hair, 3 Snubbull Hair
TM206Petal Blizzard5,000 LP, 2 Comfey Flower, 1 Cottonee Fluff, 2 Oddish Leaf
TM207Temper FlareBlueberry Academy Elite Four reward3,000 LP, 2 Numel Lava, 3 Magby Hair
TM208Whirlpool800 LP, 1 Lapras Teardrop, 2 Horsea Ink, 2 Seel Fur
TM209Muddy Water10,000 LP, 3 Wooper Slime, 3 Horsea Ink
TM210Supercell Slam5,000 LP, 2 Blitzle Mane Hair, 3 Elekid Fur
TM211Electroweb800 LP, 8 Joltik Thread
TM212Triple Axel8,000 LP, 3 Sneasel Claw, 1 Minccino Fur, 1 Tyrogue Sweat
TM213Coaching800 LP, 1 Pawmi Fur, 3 Scraggy Sweat, 1 Tyrogue Sweat
TM214Sludge Wave10,000 LP, 2 Gastly Gas ,2 Qwilfish Spines, 2 Tentacool Stinger
TM215Scorching Sands10,000 LP, 1 Sandile Claw, 2 Drilbur Claw, 2 Trapinch Shell
TM216Feather Dance400 LP, 2 Murkrow Bauble, 3 Pikipek Feather
TM217Future Sight5,000 LP, 2 Slowpoke Claw, 2 Drowzee Fur, 2 Solosis Gel
TM218Expanding Force10,000 LP, 3 Espurr Fur, 2 Exeggcute Shell
TM219Skitter Smack3,000 LP, 2 Rellor Mud, 3 Dewpider Thread
TM220Meteor Beam15,000 LP, 8 Minior Shell
TM221Throat Chop5,000 LP, 3 Zorua Fur, 2 Scraggy Sweat
TM222Breaking Swipe3,000 LP, 2 Axew Scales, 1 Cyclizar Scales, 3 Duraludon Tarnish
TM223Metal Sound800 LP, 2 Magnemite Screw, 2 Shieldon Claw, 2 Elekid Fur
TM224Curse400 LP, 2 Nacli Salt, 4 Golett Shard
TM225Hard PressBlueberry Academy Elite Four reward5,000 LP, 3 Cufant Tarnish, 3 Beldum Claw
TM226Dragon CheerBlueberry Academy Elite Four reward1,500 LP, 1 Applin Juice, 2 Tatsugiri Scales, 2 Lapras Teardrop
TM227Alluring VoiceBlueberry Academy Elite Four reward3,000 LP, 3 Igglybuff Fluff, Ralts Dust, Cottonee Fluff
TM228Psychic Noise3,000 LP, 3 Psyduck Down, 3 Chingling Fragment
TM229Upper Hand1,500 LP, 3 Makuhita Sweat, 3 Tyrogue Sweat

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