Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced they’ve found true identity of “zombie” character

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet dlc zombie nurse joy rotom phone and pecharunt

With Pecharunt and its antics revealed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Epilogue, DLC players may finally have the answer to the “zombie” datamine and it is someone players know very well.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans were finally able to get Pecharunt in the Epilogue, the Pokemon responsible for all the chaos and misdeeds in Kitakami lore involving Ogerpon and the Loyal Three.

While the Teal Mask DLC dropped several hints and Easter eggs about a “zombie” character in the story, players assumed it to be Kieran or even other NPCs such as the elderly shopkeepers in Kitakami.

But with trainers aware of Pecharunt’s Malignant Chain move and the effects that the mysterious Pokemon had on the rivals in Mochi Mayhem, a large section of players appear to be sure who the zombie was all along and it’s someone who everyone is very familiar with.

It all started when a user named ‘SoulSilverArt’ on the X app (formerly Twitter) tweeted: “Has anyone else noticed that the Kitakami Pokemon Center nurse’s hair looks somewhat similar to another magenta colored item in The Teal Mask.”

The OP then speculated: “AYO WAS SHE IN ON IT THE WHOLE TIME?”

The tweet sparked several comments from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, who believed that OP’s theory could very well be legitimate and added more reasons to support the claim.

A player wrote: “Notice how she stands out a lot and is ALWAYS watching us… even when we go behind her, she’s got an ‘eye’ on us: what if after all the battles we beat Kieran she was putting stuff into his head about us and that’s why he had the shadow aura.”

Another mentioned: “She also has a Fezandipiti phone case and magenta eyes and she’s standing parallel to peaches and the plushie of [Pecharunt].” You should know that Fezandipiti is one of the Loyal Three corrupted by Pecharunt and the Epilogue revealed that people or Pokemon under Pecharunt’s control have magenta eyes.

Users also highlighted how she is different from other Nurse Joy from previous games. “All the other nurses have caring vibes and she is the only one who looks different,” one fan wrote.

“Her hair rings also resemble the chain,” referring to the toxic chain that Pecharunt wounds around those it takes control over.

More trainers agreed with the OP’s theory and based on all the observations, it seems possible that the Kitakami nurse may have been the “zombie” after all.

Pecharunt is not the only Mythical in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC, as you can also catch Meloetta and then check out how to open the secret room in Area Zero.

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