Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players horrified by how “creepy” Pecharunt’s DLC story gets

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet dlc kitakami epilogue mythical pecharunt

Pecharunt’s frightening antics in the DLC Epilogue of Pokemon and Scarlet horrified many players based on how “unsettling” it was.

After completing both DLCs of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can revisit Kitakami in the DLC Epilogue to take part in the Mochi Mayhem quest, leading them to the Pokemon that caused all the chaos involving Ogerpon and the Loyal Three, the Mythical Pecharunt.

But little did they expect that the Ghost/Poison-type species would end up possessing everyone except Kieran and themselves, putting them in a tight spot. That’s not all as the aftermath was something they won’t forget so easily!

When a user named ‘fronchfriezz’ shared a post on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit, in which they wrote: “Is anyone else horrified at the Mochi storyline????” before adding that the ‘Mochi Mochi’ dance was something out of a nightmare, fellow players joined the comments section in agreement.

A user mentioned: “The silliness of the dance was deeply uncanny and unsettling. It was very creepy, in the same way most clowns are. Seeing all these characters doing that against their will was disturbing.”

Another said: “I can’t imagine going outside and everyone is doing the chicken dance with purple eyes, genuinely sounds like a nightmare to me.”

Even those who found the Epilogue’s chicken dance under possession goofy, admitted that it was pretty “unsettling” to them.

Adding more to the horror, a fan stated: “I think it’s also based on a real event, the dancing plague of the 1500s in France, some kind of illness caused people to dance until they died of exhaustion.”

pokemon scarlet and violet dlc character carmine doing the mochi mochi dance
Carmine’s dance under Pecharunt’s possession spooked many players.

With fan-favorite character Carmine being affected by Pecharunt the most, those who were worried about her were relieved when one player confirmed: “Carmine was able to sleep while under the mochi curse so they wouldn’t die from exhaustion in the Pokemon universe at least.”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the first game in the franchise to explicitly explore characters dying as well as getting possessed, and most fans are all in for such “dark” twists in the storyline.

If you’re too spooked by the Epilogue, you can do some fun things like the Synchro Machine feature or make Sandwiches for shiny hunting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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