Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC convinces players about “iconic” NPC returning in future games

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet npc larry

The popular Paldean character Larry is a huge hit among Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players and it looks like they can see more of him in upcoming Pokemon games, as indicated in the Indigo Disk DLC.

Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have plenty of good things to say about the core parts of Gen 9 such as the new Pokemon, Paradox species, DLC storylines, and the Synchro Machine feature.

Among these exciting additions, the community has also applauded the NPCs (non-playable characters) in the game, with them particularly liking Larry, the Paldean Gym Leader who also rounds up as a member of the Elite Four.

This NPC struck a chord with players due to his relatable personality and quirky dialogue, and it would be safe to assume that they would be thrilled to see him more often in their adventures.

Now, the Indigo Disk DLC has hinted towards the possibility of Larry making an appearance in more mainline games.

A Reddit user named ‘T-Rexskull’ shared a post that showed screengrabs of a conversation between top champion Geeta and Larry in the postgame of the Indigo Disk DLC, and captioned it with: “Larry may be a recurring character in future games.”

In the exchange between the two beloved NPCs, Geeta asks Larry to take on the role of a “Paldea League representative” in a “competition being held in a certain region.”

The post prompted comments from several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who expressed their excitement at the possibility of coming across Larry again.

A user hoping to see Larry in the next Gen of Pokemon games commented: “If Gen 10 winds up being kind of a celebration of the franchise as a whole, it’d be neat to see past gym leaders make up that game’s roster. He’s probably the most iconic from this gen, IMO.”

In the past, Sinnoh champion Cynthia and several other Gym Leaders from past Gens have competed in the PWT (Pokemon World Tournament) in the Gen 5 games, and with the hype surrounding remakes of the Unovan games, trainers expect Larry in the PWT.

A player stated: “It’s either gonna be on a future gen or in the PWT in the gen 5 remakes” before another added: “Oh my god Larry in the PWT.”

But some fans are eager to have Larry in not just Gen 10 or the Gen 5 remakes, but also in every upcoming game. “Larry needs to be in every Pokemon game for the rest of time, saying he’s on an assignment from his boss on behalf of the Paldea Pokemon League,” a user remarked.

It remains to be seen if Larry does show up in a future game but it appears certain that the Pokemon community would be delighted.

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