Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leader rematch guide: All teams & new levels

Luca Di Marzo
Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gym Leader Larry

Once you finish the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet main story, you can replay some of the best fights in the game. The Gym Leaders of Paldea will challenge players once again with new Pokemon and team levels, so here’s all you need to know.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer Trainers a ton of challenges to keep them busy even after finishing the story. Whether it’s completing the three main story paths, exploring Area Zero, or enjoying the game’s DLC, there’s always something to do.

The Gym Leader challenge is one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s main attractions as a traditional feature. Luckily, the Scarlet and Violet post-game allows players to rematch the Gym Leaders across Paldea, only this time they’ll have much stronger teams.

Here’s all you need on how to rematch every Gym Leader in Scarlet and Violet, including their new Pokemon teams and levels.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to beat Gym Leader rematch

Every single Gym Leader in Paldea has a much tougher rematch in the post-game, and players will need to finish them if they want to unlock a very special feature. This last reward will help you out when trying to level your Pokemon up, so don’t miss out on it.

Cortondo – Bug Gym Leader Katy

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bug Gym Leader.

With a returning Bug type, these are Katy’s Pokemon on her Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Lokix – Bug / Dark – Level 65
  • Forretress – Bug / Steel – Level 65
  • Heracross – Bug / Fighting – Level 65
  • Spidops – Bug – Level 65
  • Ursaring – Normal – Bug Tera Type – Level 66

Artazon – Grass Gym Leader Brassius

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grass Gym Leader.
Brassius is much tougher on his rematch.

Packing the Grass-type once again, these are Brassius’s Pokemon on his Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Lilligant – Grass – Level 65
  • Breloom – Grass / Fighting – Level 65
  • Tsareena – Grass – Level 65
  • Arboliva – Grass / Normal – Level 65
  • Sudowoodo – Rock – Grass Tera Type – Level 66

Levincia – Electric Gym Leader Iono

Iono and Bellibolt Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Iono’s Electric-type Pokemon are back and much tougher, so here are Iono’s Pokemon on her Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Kilowattrel – Electric / Flying – Level 65
  • Bellibolt – Electric – Level 65
  • Electrode – Electric – Level 65
  • Luxray – Electric – Level 65
  • Mismagius – Ghost – Electric Tera Type – Level 66

Cascarrafa – Water Gym Leader Kofu

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Water Gym Leader.
Kofu is the Water-type Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Kofu, his Veluza, and the rest of his Water-types will bring some trouble once again. This is Kofu’s Pokemon team on his Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Veluza – Water / Psychic – Level 65
  • Pelipper – Water / Flying – Level 65
  • Wugtrio – Water – Level 65
  • Clawitzer – Water – Level 65
  • Crabominable – Fighting / Ice – Water Tera Type – Level 66

Medali – Normal Gym Leader Larry

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Normal Gym Leader.

Larry’s Normal-type team is back since it’s Elite Four type-swap, so here are all his new Pokemon on his Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Oinkologne – Normal – Level 65
  • Komala – Normal – Level 65
  • Braviary – Normal / Flying – Level 65
  • Dudunsparce – Normal – Level 65
  • Staraptor – Flying / Normal – Normal Tera Type – Level 66

Montenevera – Ghost Gym Leader Ryme

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ghost Gym Leader.
Ryme is not only a Gym Leader in Paldea, but also an ex-famous rapper.

Ryme’s raps and Ghost-type team strike back, so here are all her new Pokemon on her Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Banette – Ghost – Level 65
  • Mimikyu – Ghost / Fairy – Level 65
  • Spiritomb – Ghost / Dark – Level 65
  • Houndstone – Ghost – Level 65
  • Toxtricity – Poison / Electric – Ghost Tera Type – Level 66

Alfornada – Psychic Gym Leader Tulip

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bug Psychic Leader.

Tulip’s team is mostly composed of Psychic-types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but there are a few surprises in her rematch, so here are all her new Pokemon:

  • Farigiraf – Normal / Psychic – Level 65
  • Gardevoir – Psychic / Fairy – Level 65
  • Espartha – Psychic – Level 65
  • Gallade – Psychic / Fighting – Level 65
  • Florges – Fairy – Psychic Tera Type – Level 66

Glaseado – Ice Gym Leader Grisha

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ice Gym Leader.
Grisha is one of the most mysterious Gym Leaders in Paldea.

Grisha’s Ice-types will crush you if you go in unprepared, so here are all her new Pokemon in her Scarlet and Violet post-game rematch:

  • Frosmoth – Ice / Bug – Level 65
  • Beartic – Ice – Level 65
  • Cetitan – Ice – Level 65
  • Weavile – Ice / Dark – Level 65
  • Altaria – Flying / Dragon – Ice Tera Type – Level 66

How to unlock the Academy Ace Tournament in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Defeating all of the Gym Leaders in a rematch is the only way to unlock the Academy Ace Tournament in Scarlet and Violet.

Paldean Champion Geeta will be busy setting up the Ace Tournament with Nemona, so you’ll have to rematch the Gym Leaders in her place.

Considering the Ace Tournament can provide Trainers with valuable rewards, going through and rematching the Gym Leaders is a worthwhile task. You can take the rematches in any order, just like you did in the main story.

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