Pokemon Go players warn not to make common Riolu evolution mistake

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shiny riolu and its evolution lucario

Lucario is highly sought-after in Pokemon Go but players have shared a crucial point to keep in mind before evolving Riolu, as it will save thousands of Stardust and lots of Candy.

Whether it’s Pokemon Go or the Scarlet and Violet games, certain Pokemon are regarded as icons among fans of the popular franchise. If there’s anything as popular are Pikachu, Charizard, or Mewtwo, it’s the powerful Fighting/Steel-type Lucario.

In Pokemon Go, it is one of the strongest Fighting-type species, and with its meta-breaking Mega Evolution on the horizon, everyone is constantly grinding the game for a 100 IV and shiny Lucario, which can be obtained by hatching a Riolu from Eggs.

When a user named ‘Vesalius_ 19’ on Reddit shared their incredible grab of a shiny, 100 IV Riolu in a post, several fellow players congratulated the lucky trainer.

But, in addition to the comments from fans lauding the OP, a few chimed in with a simple tip to follow before evolving Riolu, and it’s a mistake most end up making.

A user wrote: “Don’t forget to double move it before evolving, much cheaper (in terms of Stardust and candy) to add the second move before evolving rather than after.”

The OP replied: “Wow didn’t know it was cheaper for Riolu than Lucario for double move,” to which users emphasized that this feature is exclusive to Baby Pokemon.

Elaborating on this, players explained that Lucario would need 75,000 Stardust and 75 Candy to unlock a second Charged Move in Pokemon Go. But since its pre-evolution, Riolu, is a Baby Pokemon, it would need only 10,000 Stardust and 25 Candy.

Another pointed out why it’s key to giving a second Charged Move to Lucario. “A second move to quickly get rid of shields vs Rocket leaders/Giovanni: this point applies the most to Lucario. Power-Up Punch charges up super quickly, so is great to get rid of shields.”

They further added: “But [Power-Up Punch] doesn’t do very much damage. That is what Aura Sphere is for, to actually do good damage.”

If you’re eager to use Lucario against Team Rocket in Pokemon Go, check out the current lineups of the Grunts and how to beat their Boss, Giovanni.

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