Pokemon Go players slam “dumb” scan-related PokeStop Field Research tasks

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go pokestop scanning location

Several Pokemon Go players seem to “hate” Field Research tasks that require them to scan their PokeStop locations, resulting in the community deleting these quests as soon as they get them in the mobile game.

PokeStops are an essential part of Pokemon Go, as they let players get in-game items, participate in Showcases, collect Eggs, and complete various Field Research tasks.

While most of these tasks require trainers to catch Pokemon, make different throws, and challenge Raids and the Go Battle League, some often prompt players to scan PokeStop locations as a part of the Wayfarer feature, through which Pokemon Go devs Niantic collect location data.

Since the Wayfarer feature has created issues in the past, many are hesitant to complete scanning tasks obtained from PokeStops, as they call them “ridiculous.” That said, fans have also highlighted a simple method to avoid getting these quests.

When Reddit user ‘mesa1792’ asked, “What Field research do you immediately delete?” in a post, several Pokemon Go players chimed in with their opinions about the PokeStop tasks they avoid in the game.

Almost everyone in the comments sections outright stated that they “delete AR scans” and mentioned: “If it asks me to scan a physical location, it ain’t happening.”

One user also commented that “anything that says the word ‘scan’ gets deleted immediately” and another added: “I will not scan any stops. It’s a ridiculous request.”

It appears that players are extremely turned off by these tasks, to the point that they don’t want to see them in Pokemon Go at all. “I think they are dumb and wish I could just make them stop appearing at all,” a fan declared.

As more trainers wrote that they “hate” PokeStops with scan-related tasks, some highlighted how the community can avoid them altogether. “Keep one scan task at all times and you won’t get another one,” a user explained.

Players should note that if they reserve a scanning task from a PokeStop close to their home by not deleting it, they can get normal tasks from the same PokeStop.

Meanwhile, as you explore PokeStops in your location, check out all the Routes along your way as well as the rarest species you can find in Pokemon Go.

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