Pokemon Go players share quick tips to complete 120 Excellent Throws

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The new quest to get a second Master Ball in Pokemon Go is one of the game’s biggest challenges, and players are finding it difficult to complete the ‘Make 120 Excellent Throws’ task. However, a few Pokemon Go players have shared some simple tips to get the job done.

Pokemon Go players are excited at the opportunity to grab a second Master Ball in the mobile game through Timed Investigation: Master Ball. This special item is the best and the strongest Poke Ball that gives you a 100% catch rate for any Pokemon, be it Legendaries or even rare shinies.

While the tasks in the Research are long and tiring, a particular one has players worried. The task ‘Make 120 Excellent Throws’ is indeed a challenging thing to do, especially when players only have around 80 days to complete it.

But a Pokemon Go player’s Reddit post about getting 119 Excellent Throws out of 120 Pokemon catches led to fellow players sharing some quick tips to complete the daunting task within 80 days.

Pokemon Go players share simple tricks to guarantee Excellent Throws

After Pokemon Go player samcornwell shared the amazing feat of getting 119 Excellent Throws out of 120 attempts, players were quick to chime in about their fears of being unable to get the task done.

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This prompted other players to share some pretty useful tricks to ensure Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go.

A player commented: “Look for Pokemon with bigger catch circles, like Raid Legendaries. Those are the easiest to throw Excellent throws on. Use a Buddy Pokemon with Catch Assist. Specifically, try for Excellent throws, so only throw after the catch radius is small enough. 80 days is enough time to get this done.

Raid Legendaries in particular can get you 10+ Excellent throws in a single encounter. Hold the Pokeball till the radius is small enough then throw it just as it has finished its parry animation.”

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One player mentioned: “I finished the excellent throw yesterday. Thank goodness for Stantler, Metagross, & every other big circle Pokemon.”

“Big circle Pokemon” are those that offer a larger catch circle radius when you encounter the Pokemon. Players will be glad to know that Metagross will be available in 3-Star Raids in September. Moreover, participating in these Raids also counts for the other task ‘Win 60 Raids.’

Spotlight Hours are also an excellent opportunity to practice Excellent Throws. On September 19, players can try to get Excellent Throws on another “big circle Pokemon” as Girafarig headlines the Spotlight Hour on that day.

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About this, a player wrote: “Go hard for Girafarig hour. It’s an easy excellent.”

Another interesting comment involved a clever trick involving the AR+ feature in Pokemon Go as the comment read, “You can abuse AR+ on raid battles by slowly creeping up on the Pokemon until the entire screen is filled with just the excellent circle.”

This trick seemed to meet the approval of other players as one said, “I used this trick a while ago until I finally got the hang of locking the circle and using curveballs. Just be very patient when you’re approaching it, might take 2+ minutes to get close enough without scaring the mon away.”

A player summed it up perfectly by adding, “Raid legendaries, Pokemon with big catch circles + learning to get excellent throws for the most common Pokemon in your area will help you finish this in no time.”

The tips added by several players would certainly help you complete all 120 Excellent Thrown in 80 days. We also recommend using Incense and Lure Module to attract more Pokemon to your location, so that you have more chances of landing an Excellent Throw.

To get these challenging Pokemon Go tasks done as soon as possible, check out the Spotlight Hour schedule as well as the Raid bosses that offer good chances of getting Excellent Throws.

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