Pokemon Go players share what went wrong after Remote Raid nerf

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One year ago, Pokemon Go introduced the Remote Raid nerf, and now, players have gathered to reveal how this has affected their gameplay.

Pokemon Go has seen its fair share of changes since the game was released back in 2016, like the introduction of features like Routes, Shadow Raids, Spotlight hours. One year ago, Niantic decided to nerf Remote Raid, raising the price of Remote Raid Passes, and limiting the amount of Raids per day.

The decision wasn’t well received by trainers, which is why they’ve rallied on Reddit to discuss how this nerf changed their playstyle. Posted by Reddit user ‘JRE47,’ the post has encouraged trainers from all around the world to talk about “the N-day,” as some have begun to call this event.

“I definitely played less because of this, and now I don’t play at all. A lot of my friends’ list has become inactive too,” read one of the most popular comments.

Remote Raid Passes in a Pokemon Go Raid background
The changes of the Nerf limited daily remote Raids to 5 per account, and rose their prices un to 30%.

Meanwhile, another player answered: “My friends list and myself were constantly remote raiding as we were all in the barren wastelands of nothingness, so now with the price increase I maybe check the game once a month just to see what’s around me and then log off.”

It’s clear by the comments, and by general knowledge, that those trainers living in remote zones and rural areas were the most affected by Niantic’s decision. However, the consequences of the nerf didn’t end there. Ever since the number of Raids happening all over the world dropped significantly, and so did Niantic’s earnings.

Though players repeatedly protested and even organized a strike to make the devs realize they do not agree with the changes, Niantic’s determination to move forward with their plans has persisted: “It’s just not fun anymore, not when the devs blatantly do not care about user experience,” a trainer said.

Nevertheless, Pokemon Go seems to be doing just fine, with a whopping 81 million active players. This is reflected not only in Niantic’s yearly revenue, but in the engagement shown when the company hosts Live Events like the Pokemon Go Tour, or the Pokemon Go Fest.

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