Pokemon Go players reject ‘mysterious gift’ trying to get them to return

Hamza Khalid
Pokemon Go gift

Pokemon Go recently lost many players, and Niantic attempted to win them back by offering them a mysterious gift. However, this has not worked in getting players to return to the game.

The Pokemon Go community has been frustrated with Niantic for some of their decisions, the most notable example being when they nerfed Remote Raid Passes and made them more expensive by increasing the price from 100 Pokecoins to 195.

This led to many players striking against the company and establishing an online petition that has garnered over 100k signatures at the time of writing. In response to this, Niantic attempted to win back lost players with a gift.

Pokemon Go players reject mysterious gift persuading them to return

Reddit user ‘RebelSpeed’ shared an email they received from Niantic in the Pokemon Go subreddit. It showed an exclusive promo code that could be redeemed in the next three days for a “mysterious gift.”

The Redditor was not impressed with this offer and revealed that it failed to convince them to return to Pokemon Go. They explained: “Not buying my attention Niantic. Try harder.”

Many other players in the thread shared this sentiment, feeling that offering a mysterious gift isn’t enough to get them to return. They then explained their grievances with Niantic in the comments.

One user commented: “If you are looking for a time to come back, now is not the time. I was excited to hunt or hatch Larvesta, but I hear the odds of hatching one are ridiculously low. It seems that Niantic wants to make up all of the money they are losing from remote raids by sticking it to players that buy incubators.”

Another added: “I received the same email a few hours ago. I’m not coming back.” One player in the thread praised the Redditor for his decision not to come back, stating that they are a “trainer with some integrity.”

Regarding what the gift is, one player claimed they had received two Lucky Eggs and two Super Incubators. A few joked about it containing something measly such as one Pokeball and one Potion.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company