Pokemon Go devs reveal Raid Battle temporary changes but players still aren’t happy

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go trainer angry

Niantic have teased some changes to the current Raid Battle system, but the players are not happy with the announcement. Here’s what they say about it.

Pokemon Go players and mobile developer Niantic have a difficult relationship, and now, devs have announced some changes to Raid Battles, but players are not happy with them.

It may be due to several shortcircuits between the community and some of the measures the devs took recently. Also, the distrust of the player base might be due to Niantic’s tendency to implement counter-intuitive changes that affect many players in rural areas.

However, recently, the company has redoubled their efforts to comply with the promises it made to improve gameplay. Though, little by little, the players have found out that many of these changes are for the worse.

And so, this official announcement from the Niantic Support X (formerly Twitter) page left several of the most skeptical players commenting things like: “You and I both know the problem you’re trying to fix is due to nerfing Remote Raids.”

Another of the trainers also complained about the pricing of Remote Raid Passes being one of the major deterrents in the game: “How bout you revert Remote Raids to unlimited and then price down to 250/100 and every trainer will be happy to do these Raid Hours globally!”

Meanwhile, another angry Pokemon Go user stated: “Maybe (here’s a big hint) admitting that the remote raid nerfs you lot went ahead with was the single greatest mistake you’ve ever made. Is that why now we’re getting so many ticketed content as well as a $5 monthly Egg-spidition research?”

Other players have pointed out that the problem resides in Raid Hours being pointless to the majority of free-to-play players and those with limited time or access to big communities. On the other hand, several players have pointed out that the problem resides in Niantic’s way of conducting business.

Gated content and paid content seem to be synonyms in a game that has been heavily criticized by fans due to its taxing microtransaction-ridden mechanics. Some of the latest events have been also called out for being too micro-transaction-focused.

In the unlikely case that these changes result in a favorable outcome and end up being permanent, we will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can check out what’s the next Raid Hour in our Schedule. And also, here’s all you need to know to ready up for the next Community Day.

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