Pokemon Go players celebrate trainer’s “weakest of the weak” rare catch

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While most Pokemon Go players grind the game to catch a 100 IV species, a trainer’s hilariously weak zero IV catch has made fans “jealous” as they laud the rare capture and highlight how to use the Mon.

The Pokemon Go community loves to flex the best Pokemon in their collection, especially those that have perfect in-game stats, also known as 100 IV Mons or Hundos. These rare versions are hard to come by in the popular mobile game, but trainers spare no effort in trying to get them into their teams.

But many fans catch Pokemon tirelessly not just for PvP and PvE battles but also to build a collection of the rarest and most sought-after species available. Among these special species, players also love to collect zero IV Pokemon or Nundos, as evident from a trainer’s catch.

When Reddit user ‘allseeingeye420’ shared a post with a screengrab of their 10 CP Nundo Nymble catch in Pokemon Go and wrote: “I think I just caught the weakest Pokemon to ever exist,” fellow players couldn’t hide their amusement in the comments section.

Right off the bat, several users advised the OP to keep the Nymble instead of transferring it with comments such as: “Keep it, those are rare” and “Nundos are just fun. It’s a rare thing. So I have kept all 2 of mine.”

The rarity of Nundos is certainly a motivating factor to keep the Nymble. “Technically Nundos are rarer because you can’t get them in trades, raids, with weather boosts, field research, or purification,” a player explained.

Another user enthusiastically added: “Nundos are also a THANG!! It’s as rare as a Hundo!! RNG rules say so. We all play POGO with our own particular interests, which is part of my appreciation for the game. But if you’re interested in “rare” catches I’d suggest that a Nundo = Hundo!!”

While most trainers believe that the Nundo Nymble is “the weakest of the weak,” a few people shared a surprisingly simple and tacky use of them in PvP: “It makes an excellent GBL tanker,” referring to GBL weekends where fans can take part in 200 battles.

Regardless of what the OP does with the zero IV Nymble, the Nundo is certainly a rare catch.

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