Pokemon Go players beg Niantic for built-in Campfire perks to ease Raid grind

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go campfire by niantic

The Campfire app by Niantic helps Pokemon Go organize Raids and plan their schedule during various events, but now, fans have pointed out some key issues that could be solved by making the app’s best features available in-game.

Raids in Pokemon Go allow players to catch some of the strongest Pokemon in the game, including Legendaries and Mega-evolved species.

But more often than not, beating the challenging 5-Star and 6-Star Raids becomes a pain as trainers have to gather at least six to eight people to get the job done, and also organize them.

With the Campfire social app from Niantic, players can connect with in-game friends in their location to tackle any Raid, a feature loved by the community.

That said, it looks like beating Raids with Campfire is easier said than done, as several players took to the comments section of a Reddit post by user ‘beonik’ titled: “If Niantic wants people to raid more in person they need an in-game feature to tell others you are willing to meet and Campfire is NOT it.”

The OP elaborated how despite Flares being a great Campfire feature, they are often unable to get people to Raid. They then went on to suggest a “Raid Lure” in Pokemon Go, similar to Flares and Lure Modules.

Fellow Pokemon Go players jumped into the comments section, agreeing with the OP that the game itself needs features available in Campfire.

A user wrote: “How can it be that a game with so many online players at a time hasn’t even figured out a simple way [to] let users connect together???”

As one trainer said: “Yeah it’s really dumb to make a whole separate app to do what should be in game,” others chimed in that it gets extremely inconvenient to switch between apps with Pokemon Go often restarting, and it would be best to include Campfire’s top features in the game itself.

pokemon go mega latios and latias 6-star raids
6-Star Mega Legendaries are the toughest Raids in Pokemon Go.

“I don’t want a second app that drains my battery even more and makes me switch between apps constantly, I just want to be seen in Pokemon Go and be able to be seen by other players. Maybe they could only allow chats once you add people as friends, but it should be in the game itself,” a user mentioned.

With some trainers pointing out that “it definitely feels like not enough players utilize it,” adding the popular Campfire perks to the mobile game would surely help.

In the meantime, check out some active friend codes in Pokemon Go and how the Party Play feature can help beat Raids quickly.

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