Pokemon Go players adore trainer’s “heartwarming” shiny moment with dad

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go ash ketchum and professor kukui in the anime

A Pokemon Go player’s story about a special shiny catch and trade with their dad has won the hearts of fellow trainers, as the “wholesome” experience brought joy to all of them and highlighted how positive the popular mobile game can be.

The Pokemon Go community has a wide range of experiences, from being frustrated with tasks or creating a better workplace with the boss, to getting praise for using rare items cleverly and being happy with an in-game feature.

But if there’s something that fans always love, it’s finding rare and elusive shiny Pokemon, one of the most prized assets in the mobile game. Now, a trainer’s unique shiny experience with their dad has everyone beaming with joy.

Reddit user ‘Kawaii_Terminator’ wrote: “I gave a shiny Mareep to my dad and I wanted to share the story,” and detailed their story in a post. The Pokemon Go player mentioned that their dad had been looking for a shiny Mareep for quite a while and just recently, they were together in a car when they saw a wild Mareep spawn.

Both of them clicked on the Mareep and to their delight, it turned out to be shiny for the OP, who outright said “it’s yours” to their father. After a celebratory scream, they went on to trade the shiny Mareep and the OP received their first Garchomp.

The story concluded with the OP expressing love and happiness for their father while adding that they just wanted to give the shiny away even though the dad didn’t ask for it. The post struck a chord with Pokemon Go fans as several users chimed in with their comments.

Comments from users included: “This is heartwarming, thanks for sharing,” as well as: “This gave me the drive and happiness for another 2 weeks, I love this.”

The OP’s story seems to have had an extremely positive effect on many, as players wrote: “Your story just brought an indescribable degree of joy to my heart. Thank you, genuinely. I needed that” and “This is adorable. Hope my future kid(s) will have wholesome moments like this.”

As more fans lauded the “good relationship” that the OP had with their father, some of them highlighted that the duo may have more happiness in store, thanks to the upcoming Mareep Community Day Classic on November 25, 2023.

It’s always good to see such stories from Pokemon Go players, especially when it involves special moments with loved ones.

If you are looking to enjoy Pokemon Go with your family and friends, check out the Party Play feature and all the species that evolve by trading.

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