Pokemon Go players praise “rare Niantic win” with new Showcase feature

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Pokemon Go introduced the PokeStop Showcase feature with a lot of hype. After many complaints about the game, Pokemon Go players think this feature is a win for them as well as Niantic. Here’s everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go players have been eagerly exploring the latest PokeStop Showcase feature in the game. This feature lets them display their best Pokemon to compare with other players’ Pokemon. Players find it similar to entering a contest as their Showcases get ranked based on a certain category, such as the size of the Pokemon. All players featured in the Showcase leaderboard are then rewarded from the PokeStop.

Now, a Pokemon Go player has shared the rewards received from winning the Showcase, and fellow players are loving it.

Pokemon Go player’s Showcase rewards earn Niantic a rare win

The Pokemon Go player featured in the above Reddit post shared the rewards received from winning a Showcase. This Niantic feature lets all players in the Showcase leaderboard get rewards based on their rankings. Here are the rewards for a Showcase winner:

  • 4500 Stardust
  • 1x Incense
  • 1x Super Incubator
  • 2x Egg Incubator
  • 1x Star Piece
  • 9x Ultra Ball
  • 1x Magnetic Lure Module
  • 15000 XP

Other players were impressed with these rewards and called it a “rare Niantic W”. The Showcase feature and its rewards can also be enjoyed by rural players as long as there is a PokeStop around them.

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This is a great response since Niantic was severely criticized for some of its recent decisions. So even though Pokemon Go players “really like what they have done” with the Showcase feature, they hope that Niantic doesn’t end up nerfing these rewards later.

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