Pokemon Go player shares simple graphic to understand confusing IV mechanic

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Appraisal

Pokemon Go is an interesting game filled with great features and a lot of room for community play. But it also has some confusing mechanics, like the IV appraisal. A player has shed some light on it and shared a graphic with the community.

Pokemon Go has a lot of new features being added, and this year, with the Adventures Abound season, Niantic rolled out many new mechanics. But most players struggle against the game’s intrinsic forced farming mechanic, which makes players constantly grind until they find the best Pokemon.

Even for veteran players, knowing if their Pokemon of choice is the best one for PvP or if they have the correct stats for PvE can be a hassle. The game’s IV appraisal feature doesn’t explain too much, so most new players get extremely frustrated with this and often ask veteran players for help.

That’s why Reddit user ‘LC0311’ shared a graphic on Reddit to help players understand how IVs work in Pokemon Go, and it was so well explained that the community quickly filled them with praise.

Iv Chart shared by Reddit user LC0311
This graphic made by LC0311 explains how the IV mechanic works with appraisals in Pokemon Go.

One of the players said: “Thanks man! I’ve been playing the game since release and learned about IV’s just last year, and this sub has been very helpful in showing features I didn’t know about.”

In fact, most players collect Pokemon without knowing which are the best for PvP or PvE. Pokemon Go has a lot of “hidden mechanics” that matter when you have to pick your best team to tackle a Raid or to build a team for one of the three leagues. So, LC0311 did great work with this simple graphic, and now more players can understand how the appraisal feature works.

Another thankful player answered: “This is so useful, thank you! Picked up the game again at the start of this year after being a very casual player a few years ago and the numbers thing has been confusing me for months- I didn’t even know why I should appraise until May this year- so many mons with great potential transferred thanks to my ignorance.”

If you are still struggling with some of the newest features in Pokemon Go, here’s a guide for the Party Play Feature, and here’s how to build a Route in Pokemon Go.

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