Pokemon Go players praise change to brutal Sinnoh Tour Special Research requirements

Ezequiel Leis
Dialga and Palkia Medals in Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh event

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour is over and a new season has already started, but players can now complete a Special Research they thought they never could.

Pokemon Go already left behind the Timeless Travels season that featured the highly anticipated Go Sinnoh Tour event. Trainers had the chance to face and catch Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia through Raids while completing different challenges and Research tasks during the event. However, that only lasted for a weekend, meaning some players didn’t have enough time to go through everything.

The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour Special Research tasked players with catching either Dialga or Palkia during the event to get a special encounter and other rewards. Dialga and Palkia aren’t headlining Pokemon Go Raids after the event, so many trainers would have to wait until they return later this year or even later.

Luckily for trainers, Niantic realized this and have already changed the Special Research task to help players all around the world. Reddit user ‘LiveNeedleworker8759’ posted, “Thought I’d mention this in case no one else had” and shared a PSA: “They changed the quest requirement from catch Palkia/Dialga to Legendary Pokemon.”

Now, the Pokemon Go Special Research tasks players with catching any Legendary Pokemon, so they should have no trouble clearing the objective. Players celebrated the change by saying “Thank GOD thank you good sir or ma’am for bringing this up” and “Wow so cool.” Some players had given up as they thought they were “never going to complete the task,” but are glad Niantic fixed the issue.

Others, however, think Niantic’s timing is a bit off. “This came up AFTER i already caught one and it’s very unlikely I’ll find another in time,” one trainer explained, and another commented, “they had to do it AFTER i got a tapu koko. welp I guess the next raid it is.”

Additionally, another challenge tasked players with activating the Roar of Time or Spacial Rend’s Adventure Effects during the event. However, that was also changed, and now players will need to “Power up Dragon-type Pokemon 20 times” instead.

Now you can finally complete the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh Special Research if you were stuck. So, here’s how to beat the Tapu Koko Raid and how to beat the Shadow Raikou Raid to get Legendary Pokemon.