Pokemon Go choose a path: Should you pick Dark-type or Fire-type?

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The Dark Flames event gives Pokemon Go players a choice in its Timed Research., but should you pick Dark-type or Fire-type Pokemon? Here’s what you need to know to pick a path.

Pokemon Go players are celebrating the Dark Flames event centered around Fire and Dark-type Pokemon. Alongside a new Collection Challenge and a highly-requested debut, the event features a new branched Timed Research for players to complete. After the first step, trainers have to choose a path to continue, but which is the best choice?

Whatever path you choose will affect your rewards and wild spawns while using an Incense, so here’s everything you need to know to make a decision.

Pokemon Go Dark Flames Timed Research Dark-type path explained

The Dark-type Pokemon path’s exclusive rewards include a Carvanha encounter, a Sneasel encounter, and a Scraggy encounter. Additionally, more Dark-type Pokemon will appear when you use an Incense. This will help you complete other tasks that involve catching, powering up, and evolving Dark-type Pokemon.

If there’s any Dark-type Pokemon you were waiting to evolve or power up for PvP or PvE battles, this might be your chance to stock up on Candy, Stardust, and other items.

Pokemon Go Dark Flames Timed Research Fire-type path explained

The Fire-type Pokemon path includes a Slugma encounter, an Alolan Marowak encounter, and a Darumaka encounter as rewards. It also boosts Incenses to make more Fire-type Pokemon appear when you use one during the Dark Flames event.

Again, if you were looking to power up or evolve a Fire-type Pokemon to compete in PvP or tackle some Raids, choosing this path should give you enough resources to do so.

Which path is best in Pokemon Go Dark Flames: Dark or Fire?

While the decision is always up to you, we recommend you take the Dark-type Pokemon path in the Dark Flames Timed Research.

Choosing this path will reward you with Sneasel and Scraggy encounters. These Pokemon can evolve into Weavile and Scrafty, respectively, which are two very sought-after Pokemon for PvP and PvE battles. While Weavile is a great asset for Raids, Scrafty is a top choice for Great and Ultra League, so keep that in mind.

Of course, following the Fire-type path will reward you with a Darumaka encounter. Its evolution, Darmanitan, is one of the best Fire-type Pokemon you can get for Raids, so you might want to add it to your team. Additionally, Alolan Marowak could be a great addition to your Great League team, but it’s a fairly easy-to-get Pokemon.

As we mention, the decision is up to you. Since the branched Timed Research’s tasks are very similar, you should focus on the rewards that suit you best. You can check all the details of this Timed Research in our complete guide.

That’s all you need to know to choose a path in the Dark Flames branched Timed Research. For more Pokemon content, make sure to check some of our other articles:

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