Pokemon Go 8th Anniversary Party Timed Research tasks & rewards

Niladri Sarkar
mythical meltan featured in 8th anniversary party event

The 8th Anniversary Party has kicked off in Pokemon Go. This event features exciting Timed Research quests leading to encounters with costumed species, the Mythical Meltan, and useful items you can’t miss.

So here are the tasks, rewards, and dates of the free and paid Timed Research quests.

Free Timed Research

8th Anniversary Party (1/2)

Earn 8 hearts with your BuddyParty Hat Bulbasaur
Catch 88 PokemonParty Hat Charmander
Spin 8 different PokeStops or GymsParty Hat Squirtle
Earn 8,888 XPParty Hat Wurmple
Earn 88 Curveball ThrowsParty Hat Wobbuffet
Earn 8,888 StardustParty Hat Nidorino
Evolve 8 PokemonParty Hat Raticate

Completing this stage will reward you with 8,888 Stardust, 8,888 XP, and an encounter with Cake Hat Pikachu.

Remember that only the Party Hat versions of Charmander and Squirtle can be evolved. Their final evolutions, Charizard and Blastoise, are incredible in the Ultra League and can be included in the same team. That’s not all, as their Mega Evolutions are top-tier Raid attackers.

You can catch more Cake Hat Pikachu from the Spotlight Hour on July 2, 2024. So, don’t miss the opportunity to collect this limited-time costumed species as they are popular for Special Trades.

party hat muk and grimer in pokemon go 8th anniversary party
The debuting Party Hat Grimer is available in the wild.

8th Anniversary Party (2/2)

Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan
Claim Reward!Meltan

Completing this stage will reward you with an additional encounter with Meltan.

Meltan is usually available only through the Mystery Box, so this Timed Research is a great opportunity to catch many of this Mythical species and collect the 400 Candy required to evolve it into Melmetal.

Melmetal is a strong addition to the Go Battle League, being one of the best Pokemon to beat the formidable trio of Dragonite, Togekiss, and Dialga in the Master League. This makes this PvP pick completely worth maxing out to level 50.

pokemon go meltan evolution melmetal
The pure Steel-type Melmetal is known for its solid coverage in battles.

Paid Timed Research

8th Anniversary Party Premium (1/1)

Earn 8 hearts with your Buddy1x Lucky Egg
Catch 88 Pokemon1x Egg Incubator
Spin 8 different PokeStops or Gyms1x Rocket Radar
Earn 8,888 XP1x Premium Battle Pass
Earn 88 Curveball Throws1x Poffin
Earn 8,888 Stardust1x Star Piece
Evolve 8 Pokemon1x Incense

Completing this quest will reward you with 88,888 XP, 1x Super Incubator, and an encounter with Meltan.

This paid Timed Research costs $2 (or the equivalent pricing in your local currency) and can be purchased from the in-game Shop.

Date & time

You have until Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 8 PM local time to complete these two Research quests. You can use items like Incense and Lure Module to get more spawns around your location and complete these tasks quickly.

If you’re looking for more Mythicals in Pokemon Go, check out how to get Marshadow, Shaymin, and Celebi.

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