Pokemon Presents: All Pokemon Day 2023 announcements

Ezequiel Leis
2023 Pokemon Day logo and colored balloons

Pokemon Day finally arrived with many announcements, so here’s a recap of everything the Pokemon Presents stream showed.

Pokemon fans are ready to peek into the franchise’s future when The Pokemon Company reveal their plans for 2023 and beyond. Pokemon Day is here and fans are celebrating through all of the franchise’s experiences.

A new Pokemon Presents stream took place and we have all the details from its many announcements, including Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news.

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Ride Koraidon Miraidon Pokemon Scarlet VioletThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet revealed its DLC during the latest Pokemon Presents stream.

All Pokemon Day announcements

The Pokemon Presents stream was full of announcements regarding the franchise’s many different experiences. Here’s a recap of every Pokemon Day announcement in case you missed them:

Mobile announcements

After a few announcements related to the 2023 Pokemon World Championship that will take place in Yokohama, Japan, and some TCG news, Pokemon Unite got the spotlight with new updates. The game will soon add Zacian as a playable character with an upcoming event full of rewards.

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Pokemon Café ReMix, on the other hand, will welcome Paldean starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly with a new event. Players will be able to complete new stages and will have to choose between one of the three to add to their staff.

Pokemon Masters EX will add many of the characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield in a new limited-time event full of interesting bonuses.

Pokemon Sleep

Years after it was officially announced, Pokemon Sleep finally has some updates to share. After a trailer that revealed the game won’t have any AR features, it was revealed Pokemon Sleep will launch later this year.

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Players will start a new adventure on a new island where sleep is the only thing to do. The app will record and analyze the users’ sleep and players will encounter different Pokemon according to their sleep styles each day. Although it’s unclear how this will work, fans are already excited to catch creatures sleeping.

The Pokemon Company also revealed a new companion device for the app. Pokemon Go Plus+ will add compatibility with Pokemon Sleep to the usual Pokemon Go Plus functions seen on the Pokemon Go Plus wristband.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news

A new Tera Raid Battle event will be active after the Pokemon Presents Stream. Players can take on Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet and Iron Leaves in Pokemon Violet. These are Paradox Pokemon versions of Legendary Pokemon Suicune and Virizion, respectively.

Trainers will be able to send postcards from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet soon thanks to new features. Players will be able to get Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go and new colored versions of Vivillon in Scarlet and Violet.

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Finally, it was revealed that the rumored Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC is called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. It will release in two parts just like with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

‘The Teal Mask’ will come out in Fall 2023 and will take players beyond Paldean frontiers. ‘The Indigo Disk’ will release in Winter 2023 and will finally reveal Terapagos, the tortoise Pokemon that’s been the focus of many rumors in the last couple of months.

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Players will also encounter new Pokemon that weren’t available in Paldea, including Ninetales, Metagross, and brand-new creatures. Pre-orders will be available at a later date, but those who get it will receive a new uniform set as well as a Serial Code for a Hisuian Zoraork.

Pokemon HOME compatibility with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was only mentioned during the Pokemon Presents stream and there’s no confirmed date as of yet. The 1.2 update of the game wasn’t addressed but it’s available for download.

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Pokemon Presents full stream

The official Pokemon website streamed a new Pokemon Presents on Monday, February 27, 2023 with about 25 minutes of news related to all things Pokemon, from games to TV shows, and more. You can watch the whole presentation here:

You can head to the official Pokemon YouTube channel to see any trailers and announcements you might have missed today.

Although players expected to see new spin-off games or even a hint at a new Pokemon legends game, they received plenty of news to start new rumors and speculation about the future of the franchise.

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