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When will Pokemon Home be available for Scarlet & Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are wondering when Pokemon Home will be available to store and transfer their Pokemon.



Pokemon Home Scarlet Violet

Pokemon Home allows players to store and transfer Pokemon from one game to another. Players are wondering when the feature will be compatible with Scarlet and Violet, so here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon Home offers fans of the franchise the ability to store their Pokemon from previous and current games in one place. With the ninth generation of Pokemon arriving by way of Scarlet and Violet, players are wondering when they’ll get the opportunity to utilize Pokemon Home.

The Pokemon Home companion app not only holds your Pokemon in storage, but it allows you to transfer Pokemon across titles. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet did not launch with Pokemon Home compatibility, but the devs confirmed that the feature is on the way, so here’s when it’s expected to arrive.

Lucario and Hisuian Zoroark Pokemon Scarlet Violet

When is Pokemon Home coming to Scarlet & Violet?

Per an official Pokemon blog, compatibility between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokémon HOME is slated for spring 2023.

Once the two entities are compatible, you’ll have the opportunity to store your Scarlet and Violet Pokemon in Pokemon Home. This is extremely beneficial for those who want to start a new game of Scarlet and Violet but don’t want to lose their Pokemon.

In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to transfer Pokemon from past games to Scarlet and Violet. However, the one catch is that the Pokemon you can transfer to the Paldea region are limited to ones that can appear in Scarlet and Violet.

This rule is essential when transferring Pokemon from past titles to new ones and it applies to every Pokemon game.

The Pokemon team also announced that Pokemon Home will receive a major update slated for early 2023. Fans of the Pokemon Ranked Battle Stadium will be pleased as the update will focus on bringing valuable data to the app.

Players who have been enjoying Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Ranked Battle Stadium will benefit from new data that reveals: “Trainer rankings, frequently used Pokémon, Online Competitions, and more.”

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Image Credit: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company