How to get Heracross in Pokemon Go: Best moveset for PvP & PvE, can it be shiny, more

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Heracross in Pokemon Go

Heracross is a solid option to build a strong team, so here’s all you need to know about it, including how to get it, its best moves for trainer battles and PvE activities, and shiny availability in Pokemon Go.

Heracross is one of the most notorious Bug-types in Pokemon Go, but this creature also belongs to the Fighting-type, which makes it quite unique.

Trainers looking to know more about Heracross in Pokemon Go have all they need right here, including details on its Mega-Evolution, best moveset for PvP and PvE, stats, and shiny availability.

How to get Heracross in Pokemon Go

To get Heracross in Pokemon Go, trainers need to catch it in the wild, or after beating it in 3-Star Raids. It is also worth mentioning that Niantic revealed that Heracross evolution, Mega-Heracross, will debut at a later date during April, 2024.

Mega Heracross Raids are currently in rotation until April 25, 2024, so trainers looking to gain access to this powerful Mega should participate to earn mega-energy

Heracross using Megahorn
Heracross base stats are 234 ATK, 179 DEF, and 190 STA.

Is shiny Heracross available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Heracross is available in Pokemon Go, and trainers can catch it in the wild or, if they are lucky, after beating it in Raids. Shiny Pokemon appearing in the wild will spawn at a 1 in 500 rate, so you might need to be patient before you can find one for your collection.

Best Heracross PvP moves in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Heracross in Pokemon Go PvP consists of Counter and Close Combat. This combo has a 7 second cycle charge rate, and does 137 Damage Per Cycle, which is considerably good for a Fighting-type only moveset.

The only bad thing about Close Combat is that this is a Self Debuff Nuke move, meaning it does really high damage, at the cost of diminishing the DEF stat x1 per usage, so keep this detail into consideration.

You can also opt out of using Megahorn as a Second Charge Move, or equip Heracross with Rock Blast to spam and bait your opponents.

Best Heracross PvE moves in Pokemon Go

The best moves for Heracross in Pokemon PvE battles are Counter and Megahorn. This particular combo does a whooping 419.28 Total Damage Output, and can totally obliterate Dark-type Raid Pokemon.

This Pokemon reaches a max CP of 3506 Which also makes Heracross a good low-budget option to fill the ranks of your Raid Team. Evolving it into Mega-Heracross will make it reach a Maximum CP of 5443, turning it into the strongest Fighting-type Pokemon in the game.

Mega Heracross in the Anime
Mega Heracross stats are 334 ATK, 223 DEF, and 190 STA.

Complete Heracross moveset in Pokemon Go

Here’s the full moveset for Heracross in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Counter (Fighting)
  • Struggle Bug (Bug)

Charged Moves

  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Rock Blast (Rock)
  • Megahorn (Bug)

Be it for its solid stats, or its powerful moveset, Heracross is definitely a solid option for both PvP and PvE activities in Pokemon Go. We will soon know how its Mega Evolution will shift the balance of the meta, and we will let you know about it accordingly.

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