How many Pokedex entries are there in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

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Talonflame pokemon in scarlet violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has a large number of Pokemon for you to catch, so we’ve put together a handy little guide showing you just how many of the National Pokedex the game uses, including brand-new species.

The National Pokedex now exceeds 1,000 thanks to new inclusions in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and really shows the enormous legacy that Pokemon has built up over the years.

With new Legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and a fresh bunch of Starters to get you on your way, the land of Paldea has wacky new evolutions and faces alike for you to find and catch.

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But one question on the minds of players is a very simple one, how many new Pokemon have been added in Scarlet & Violet, and how big is the game’s Pokedex?

How many Pokemon are in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex?

If you’re looking to completely fill out your Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet & Volet, then buckle up as you’ll have to catch, evolve, and trade a grand total of 400 Pokemon!

This is significantly more than Legends Arceus which only required you to catch 242, and if you are able to successfully do so, you’ll earn a Shiny Charm for your efforts.

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Game Freak have confirmed that each new entry in the game will only feature a certain amount of Pokemon from the National Pokedex, so it’s likely we’ll never have a full game that will feature all 1,000+ Pokemon in it.

nemona in cutscene in pokemon scarlet violet

How many new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bolster the National Pokedex by offering an additional 107 new forms to the overall tally.

As well as 293 returning faces, trainers will need to intensely scour the lands and various provinces in order to see each and every newcomer to the series.

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