Golurk weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

Ezequiel Leis
Golurk in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Pokemon trainers might find a tough challenge when facing Golurk in any game, so here’s everything you need to know about its weaknesses, resistances, and immunities in Pokemon.

After its debut in Pokemon Black and White, Golurk made a few more appearances in other mainline games. The Automaton Pokemon is also available in Pokemon Go, but it can be a tough challenge for expert and rookie trainers alike.

We’ll cover everything there is to know about Golurk’s weaknesses, resistances, and immunities for players looking to add this Pokemon to their team.

Golurk weaknesses in Pokemon explained

As a Ground/Ghost-type Pokemon, Golurk is weak against Ghost, Water, Grass, Ice, and Dark-type attacks.

When trying to take Golurk down fast, you should rely on these categories. Keep in mind, however, that Ghost-type Pokemon might be at a disadvantage against Golurk’s massive Attack Stat.

Golurk in Pokemon anime
Golurk’s design is inspired by golems.

Golurk resistances in Pokemon explained

Golurk can resist Poison, Rock, and Bug-type moves in Pokemon, and it’s completely immune to Normal, Fighting, and Electric-type attacks, so you should avoid that approach entirely.

Although Golurk boasts many immunities thanks to its rare type combination, keep an eye on its weaknesses as well, as both its Defense and Special Defense are average stats at 80.

Golurk strengths in Pokemon explained

Golurk can deal super-effective damage to Ghost, Psychic, Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, and Electric-type Pokemon with its Ghost and Ground-type STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves.

It can learn Normal, Fighting, and Steel-type attacks in mainline games as well, so keep that in mind to cover all possibilities.

Best Golurk moves in Pokemon

The best moves for Golurk in Pokemon are Substitute, Focus Punch, Shadow Punch, and Earthquake.

  • Substitute creates a decoy sacrificing 25% of Golurk’s HP, which can be useful for Golurk itself or a teammate that switchs in. This move is better paired with Rest to get that HP back when you need it.
  • Focus Punch is the most powerful Fighting-type move you can add to deal with Ice and Dark-type Pokemon before they inflict super-effective damage.
  • Shadow Punch, on the other hand, will let you obliterate other Ghost types in battle.
  • Earthquake is the go-to STAB Ground-type move to OHKO weak opponents.

Other viable attacks for Golurk include Stone Edge, Brick Break, and Poltergeist.

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