2024’s Pokemon Go debuts have “shocking” pattern that has players concerned

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go ceruledge, armarouge, and charcadet debuts

Pokemon Go featured several debuts in 2024, but a few trainers have pointed out a glaring issue with all these new species that has them worried about upcoming additions to the game.

Any new Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Go always has players abuzz with excitement at the prospect of adding a species to their collection and using it for PvP and PvE battles.

After March 2024, the mobile game has already featured plenty of debuts that trainers spared no effort to grab. That said, a user named ‘RafRide’ pointed out a concern with these debuts in a Reddit post where they wrote, “3 months into 2024, and we’ve had 0 new mons released in the wild.”

The OP highlighted that 2024 marked the addition of six new species in Pokemon Go, and they were available through Raids, Eggs, Research tasks, and unique evolution requirements. But, not a single one of them featured as wild spawns.

A user commented: “I really miss the days when you see silhouettes of new Pokemon nearby,” before adding that players loved going out and exploring new species as it happened with the release of Gen 2.

To this, others added that the “drip feed” of new Pokemon has just got “worse” since then. Trainers also chimed in that they want to see more debuts without announcements, leading to more surprises and excitement among fans.

Quoting on new Pokemon being obtainable only through Eggs or Trading, a player mentioned: “I just want some things released in the wild. Let me hunt PvP IVs and allow things to be eligible for lower CP leagues without relying on shady hatching and trading tactics.”

Trainers also chipped in that Charcadet, having two evolutions and being limited to only Eggs, and Drampa, being available through Prime Gaming quests, was “shocking.”

Aside from the lack of wild spawns, some even slammed rare species being locked behind a paywall. “Really bummed out that all the new stuff requires a paid ticket,” a user said.

With a long year ahead in 2024, the community hopes to see a good number of Pokemon Go debuts in the wild and be able to catch ’em all with ease.

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