Pokemon Go players tempt trainer to open mysterious 2016 Egg

Lucas Simons
Ash holding Togepi Egg Pokemon Anime

Trainers are always looking for rare and unusual specimens in Pokemon Go. One trainer has a couple of those unusual Pokemon, they just need to be hatched from Eggs obtained in 2016.

Pokemon Go players who want to add cool specimens to their collection have several ways to obtain them. They can find costumed species, event Pokemon, claim rewards from past Research, or, in this particular case: Hatching an 8-year-old Egg.

A trainer has shocked the Pokemon Go Reddit community with a showcase of two valuable Eggs that they have been hoarding ever since 2016, and now they’re asking if it is “worth hatching them.”

That’s what makes user ‘Jaceeb00’s collection such a unique opportunity to hatch past mons. They have posted an image of the eggs on Reddit, alongside an inquiry: “I haven’t hatched em cause I’m worried they’ll be useless but should I?”

Surprisingly, the community has pointed out that these eggs may contain species with special movepools: Attacks that have been cut out from that particular species’ moveset. As one of the players stated: “Maybe you’ll get one with a move that can’t be learned anymore.”

So there you have it: If you have a similar Egg in your inventory, don’t doubt it and hatch it, you might be surprised by what you get in return.

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