How to beat the Oil Rig in Palworld

Emily Stander
Flying mounts in Palworld

The Sakarujima update in Palworld brought a ton of new content, but not much is quite as challenging as the new Oil Rig Stronghold. 

The new raid tests your skills against some impossible enemies, but it’s also tough to find as it’s sitting in the middle of the ocean. Here is where you can find the Oil Rig, and the best strategy for beating it. 

How to find the Oil Rig

The Oil Rig is located at coordinates 608, -435 on Palworld’s map, in the middle of the ocean. The fastest way to get there is through the Marsh Island fast travel point.

It’s difficult to find the Oil Rig because it’s also covered by fog, and you’ll only really be able to see it when you get close by. It goes without saying that you’ll need a flying or swimming mount to get to the Rig, but it’s best if you use a swimming mount.

Oil rig location on the Palworld map
You can find the Oil Rig here.

If you approach the Rig with a flying mount, the anti-air lasers will shoot you out of the sky quite quickly. If you really want to use a flying mount, the best one to go with is Jetragon. It’s fast, and you’re going to need fast to dodge the anti-air lasers.

How to complete the Oil Rig

To complete the Oil Rig in Palworld, you must defeat all its enemies. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Be at least level 50
  • Bring the best armor and a legendary rocket launcher. 
  • Use ranged attacks against enemies.

The first thing you’ll want to do is shut down the gun and security towers in each section. This makes it easier to come back to the Rig later on if you decide to leave, because they’ll be shut down until the siege ends.

Jetragon flying over the oil rig in Palworld
The anti-air missiles should be your first priority when you land.

The best armor to use for this Stronghold is the Legendary Cold and Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor, and make sure you have the Pal Metal Helmet for some extra protection. There are four types of enemies on the Rig:

  • Syndicate Gunners: Use guns to fight.
  • Syndicate Cleansers: Use the flamethrower.
  • Syndicate Hunters: Summon Pals.
  • Syndicate Crushers: Tanks with Gatling Guns. 

Your best shot at clearing the Rig quickly is to deal with the Gunners and Hunters first, as they both use long-range attacks and summon more enemies. 

Once the Gunners and Hunters have been dealt with, turn your attention to the Crushers. They’re one of the most destructive enemies you’ll encounter, and they’re better dealt with first over the Cleansers because they need to get close to you to do damage.

If you need to leave at any point, use the Homeworld Thundercloud to teleport to your closest base. Alternatively, you can use Dogen’s Partner skill to get out when you need to or have completed the Rig. 


The Oil Rig in Palworld has a large treasure chest where you can get Training Manuals, Schematics, Ammo, Crude Oil, and Ancient Civilization Cores.

We found Missile Ammo and the Missile Launcher Schematic the first time a chest was looted, so it depends on a bit of luck what you can find in these chests. Only one chest will spawn at a time, so you’ll have to look for it at one of the locations listed below.

Chest spawn locations 

  • Inside a Warehouse on the East of the Rig. 
  • Inside a room near a tower at the center of the Rig. 
  • Inside a tent on the West side of the Rig. 
  • Between some containers on the South-East of the Rig.

The chests will respawn after about an hour of real time, so be sure you’re ready to go in next time and look for the next chest. 

There’s a lot more to discover in the new Sakurijima update, so make sure you know how to get Plasteel and Blazamut Ryu Slabs. Otherwise, you can also have a look at how to beat Saya and Selyne.