Where to find Vanwyrm in Palworld: All locations & how to catch

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Vanwyrm in Palworld

Palworld lets you capture a wide range of Pals and the likes of Vanwyrm can help you travel across the map very quickly because of aerial abilities. If you want to get a solid flying mount, here’s everything to know about catching Vanwyrm in Palworld, including its spawn locations.

Palworld is loaded with stunning creatures that you can capture or kill for a ton of things. Base-building is one of the primary tasks in the game and you’ll want plenty of resources as well as Pals to improve its quality. Even for combat, your Pals are your first line of attack or defense.

Some Pals in the game such as Vanwyrm also serve as mounts. High-level ground mounts are quick, but they can be replaced easily by flying mounts because the latter can help you access any area of the massive map.

On that note, here’s everything to know about catching Vanwyrm in Palworld, including all spawn locations.

Vanwyrm location in Palworld

The best location to find Vanwyrm in Palworld is Mount Obsidian, followed by the southeastern edge of the Bamboo Groves region. There are three Fast Travel points to help you explore Mount Obsidian freely and for Bamboo Groves, we recommend using the Shoal Mineshaft Fast Travel point and heading east to come across Vanwyrm.

The exact spawn locations have also been marked in the image below:

Vanwyrm spawn locations in Palworld
You can unlock the saddle for Vawrym in Palworld at level 21 through Technology Points.

Best ways to catch Vanwyrm in Palworld

Here are some tips to help you catch Vanwyrm in Palworld:

  • Vanwyrm is a Dark and Fire-type Pal making it weak to Water and Dragon-type Pals. If your companions don’t know moves of these types, though, use a Skill Fruit to teach them.
  • Avoid bringing Neutral and Ice-type Pals against Vanwyrm as they’ll be easily out shadowed.
  • If your level is a lot higher than the Vanwyrm you’re aiming to catch, it might be better to just rely on long-range weapons to deal damage as your Pals might kill it quickly.
  • Bring plenty of Pal Spheres and Mega Spheres as flying Pals can be tricky to catch. Start with the Pal Sphere and if the catch rate is meager, switch to a Mega Sphere.

Other ways to get Vanwyrm in Palworld

Apart from the open world, you can get Vanwyrm in the following ways:

  • Vanwyrm hatches from a Scorching Egg. These eggs spawn abundantly throughout the open world but their size and type are random, so getting a Scorching Egg is purely based on luck. On top of that, you can also get other Fire-types like Foxparks, Rooby, Arsox, Leezpunk Ignis, Flambelle, and Keplsea Ignis from this egg.
  • Plenty of breeding combinations result in Vanwyrm, and here are some of the easiest ones:
    • Melpaca x Sweepa
    • Melpaca x Nitewing
    • Penking x Arsox
    • Mozarrina x Nitewing

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