How to beat Saya and Selyne Tower Boss in Palworld

Aryan Singh
Saya and Selyne in Palworld

The Palworld Sakurajima update features a ton of new content including the Saya and Selyne Tower Boss. The duo is undoubtedly the most challenging Tower Boss introduced so far, with moves that cause devastating damage and can even deplete your health bar in one hit.

If you’re struggling with the toughest battle Sakurajima Island has to offer, here’s how to defeat Saya and Selyne.

Saya and Selyne location

Moonflower Tower location in Palworld
The Tower sits in the heart of Sakurajima Island.

You can find Saya and Selyne inside Moonflower Tower which is located just ahead of the Sakurajima-Mushroom wetlands waypoint at map coordinates -596,204.

Once you get close to the location, you’ll be able to access the Moonflower Tower Entrance fast travel point.

How to defeat

Saya and Selyne boss fight in Palworld
Try to focus your fire on Saya.

Saya and Selyne are endgame bosses so make sure to reach level 55 and max out your Pal levels as well. Selyne is weak against Dragon-element Pals so fill your party up with the best ones, including Jetragon, Quivern, and Chillet. The Rocket Launcher is an essential weapon for this boss fight since it boasts excellent damage and offers range.

Selyne’s attacks hit like a truck so don’t remain static or keep firing from a single spot. Her moveset has multiple AoE attacks, including an annoying move where she casts a ring on the ground and can then follow it up by raining down icicles from above. This is why we recommend keeping your distance and not getting too close, giving yourself the space to dodge her offense.

In terms of strategies, aim to concentrate your attacks on Saya while your Pals keep Selyne busy. She’s seated directly on top of Selyne on a crescent moon. This way, you’ll inflict heavy damage continuously.

Here’s an overview of the boss fight, and our recommendations for the equipment you should bring along:

  • Pal type – Dark-element Pal
  • Weakness – Dragon-element Pals
  • Boss HP – 261,000
  • Time limit – 10 minutes
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Guided Missile Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Single-shot Rifle
  • Hyper Shield
  • Legendary Cold/Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Pal Metal Helm


After defeating Palworld’s newest Tower Boss, you’ll receive five Ancient Technology Points and a new fast travel point at the top of the tower.

Aside from this boss fight, the Sakurajima update offers many new features. So, check out our guides on Dog Coins and Meteorite Fragments.