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Palworld Skills

Passive Skills in Palworld affect your gameplay in a unique way, and finding the correct combination of those traits can do wonders for your exploring activities. So here are the best Passive Skills in Palworld for combat, crafting, gathering, and movement.

In Palworld, all Pals can have Passive Skills, which affect not only their stats but those of the player. Be it a regular Pal or a Legendary Pal, all of them can have one of these special traits or more. So, understanding what they do and which are the most suitable for your playstyle will do wonders for your Palworld experience.

The complexity of the Pal Passive Skill system can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, we have pieced together a full guide on the best Passive Skills in Palworld, including those for combat, and crafting-related activities.

So here are the Passive Skills in Palworld including those for combat, crafting, gathering resources, and movement.

What are Passive Skills in Palworld

In Palworld, Passive Skills are traits that affect how your Pals work, move, and fight. Some of them can also benefit you passively when you have them on your team, so understanding what they do and the best Passive Skills is key to mastering the game.

Passive Skills are randomized, and are only available to be seen once you capture a Pal or hatch it from anEgg. Until then, you’ll never know what their passives are, so keep looking until you find the most suitable ones.

Transporting Pals Palworld
Passive Skills affect how your Pals move, work, and fight.

All Passive Skill effects stack with each other, and Pals can have up to four Passive Skills. Passive Skills can be Positive (boost stats) or Negative (diminish stats), and also come in Tiers from 1 to 3. Those that belong to the negative zone are also called Flaws.

There are four main categories of Passive Skills: Gathering, Combat, Movement, and Crafting. Here’s a detailed list of the best for each category of Pal Passive Skills.

Best combat Passive Skills in Palworld

These are the best combat Passive Skills in Palworld, which are considered top tier (3 & 2) and grant the best boosts for facing combat-related challenges:

Pal Elemental Passives (Lord of, Emperor of, Divine)*Boost Elemental Damage by 20%3
Legend+20% Attack
+20% Defense
+15% Movement Speed
Stronghold Strategist+10% player Defense3
Vanguard+10% player Attack3
Ferocious+20% Attack3
Musclehead+30% Attack, -50% Work Speed2

It is also worth mentioning that Tier 3 Pal Element Passives (*) come in nine forms, all of which grant +20% boost to the corresponding element. Those skills, like the Emperor of Ice that boosts Ice-type moves by 20%, can be granted to a Pal of the Fire-type element, which will render it entirely useless.

So, if you manage to get one of the following elemental boosts in the correct type of Pal, consider yourself lucky:

  • Lord of the Underworld: +20% boost to Darkness attacks
  • Lord of the Sea: +20% boost to Water attacks
  • Ice Emperor: +20% boost to Ice attacks
  • Earth Emperor: +20% boost to Ground attacks
  • Divine Dragon: +20% boost to Dragon attacks
  • Flame Emperor: +20% boost to Fire attacks
  • Spirit Emperor: +20% boost to Grass attacks
  • Celestial Emperor: +20% boost to Neutral attacks
  • Lord of Lightning: +20% boost to Electric attacks

Best crafting Passive Skills in Palworld

Here are the best crafting Passive Skills in Palworld, which grant the best boosts for crafting, producing, and building activities:

Artisan+50% Work Speed3
Lucky+15% Work Speed
+15% Attack
WorkaholicSAN drops 15% slower3
Work SlaveWork Speed +30%
Attack -30%
Diet LoverHunger increases 15% slower3

It is worth mentioning that Work Speed will also increase the building speed and managing speed of your Pals when tasked with, for example, planting, watering, and harvesting berries.

Best gathering Passive Skills in Palworld

These are the best gathering Passive Skills in Palworld, which grant boosts to the harvesting of resources made by the player:

Logging Foreman
25% increase in player’s Logging efficiency
Mine Foreman25% increase in player’s Mining efficiency3
Motivational Leader25% increase in player’s resource gathering and working speed.3

Best movement Passive Skills in Palworld

Here’s a list of the best movement Passive Skills in Palworld, which are considered best for traversing and improving mobility in general, be it mounted or by foot:

Runner20% increase to movement speed1
Swift30% increase to movement speed2
Supernatural Speed50 % increase to movement speed3
Legend+20% Attack
+20% Defense
+15% Movement Speed

Passive movement-related Skills also affect how the player moves when the Pal that has them is active. These Passive Skills also stack, making them great for flying, swimming, or ground mounts.

And that’s all you need to know about the best Passive Skills in Palworld. For more content on this survival game, you can check the following links:

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