Palworld boss order: All bosses & how to beat them

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Palworld Boss Order

Palworld has five main bosses and lots of secondary ones called Alpha Pals, scattered along its map. Here’s where to find and beat all of them, as well as the best order to do it.

Palworld is essentially a survival game that explains the abundance of challenges and dangers in its open world. From Alpha Pal bosses to the environment, many things can take you out in an instant.

However, the true test for any Palworld player is defeating the tower bosses. They boast massive HP and powerful attacks, and on top of that, all five boss battles only last 10 minutes each, compelling you to be as aggressive as possible. Although you can’t catch these bosses, the rewards upon defeating them compensate for this.

On that note, here’s a list of all Palworld bosses in order and how you can beat them easily.

How to beat Zoe & Grizzbolt in Palworld

Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld
Zoe will be mounting an electric-type Pal called Grizzbolt.
  • Location – Rayne Syndicate Tower
  • Coordinates – 113, -431
  • Boss HP – 30,000

Enter the Rayne Synidacate Tower to challenge your first Palworld boss, and you will soon notice a square-looking arena with several columns. You can hide behind those columns when Grizzbolt is about to use its Gatling gun and avoid damage to your pals by calling them out when Grizzbolt uses its area damage attack.

Zoe & Grizzbolt are a level 10 threat, so when you are around that level you can challenge this first boss encounter. Grizzbolt is an Electric-type Pal, so bring a team of Earth-type Pals to beat it with ease.

Recommended Pals for this encounter include Rushoar, Fuddler, Daedream, Dumud, and Gumoss. Most of these Pals can be easily obtained in the nearby zones, except Rushoar and Dumud, which can be caught further up north. Daedream is especially useful thanks to its passive, which makes it harder to target and shoots every time you attack an enemy.

How to beat Lily & Lyleen in Palworld

Lily and Lyleen in Palworld
Lyleen has strong Grass type AoE’s, so avoid them hiding behind columns.
  • Location – Free Pal Alliance Tower
  • Coordinates – 185, 28
  • Boss HP – 69,000

Lyleen is the second boss in Palworld and is level 25. When you plan to take on Lily & Lyleen, make sure that your team is at least the same level or higher.

By this point in the adventure, you should have equipped at least a Crossbow, so it will be a good idea to bring a Fire Arrow Crossbow since Lyleen is weak to fire. Also, bring Fire-elemental type Pals to the fight, and things will go smoother that way.

Again, like in the previous fights, you can keep your distance and hide behind Pillars to avoid AoE and blast Lyleen with strong Fire-type attackers and your fire arrows. Recommended Pals for this fight are Wixen, Rooby, Kelpsea Ignis (especially useful since its passive boosts all fire damage by 25 %), and again Daedream, since it’s a killing machine.

How to beat Alex & Orserk in Palworld

Alex and Orsek in Palworld
Orserk is an Electric/Dragon-type, so it has more weaknesses than other bosses.
  • Location – Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower
  • Coordinates – -587, -517
  • Boss HP – 130,000

Orserk, the third boss in Palworld, is an Electric/Dragon-type Pal, and it is weak against Ground and Ice types, so you will have many more options to bring with you. You need to bring Electric Resistance Accessories and make sure your armor and weapons are upgraded to the max.

This boss is a Level 40 threat, so, it is quite the difficulty level spike from the previous one.

Ice Grenades and Single-Shot Rifle will be your staple Damage Doers while you keep your distance. Avoid unnecessary damage by hiding or dodging Orserk’s big Electric AoE’s, and call back your Pal when necessary.

Best Pals for this fight include Ice Reptyro (Ground/Ice), Mammorest Cryst (must-have, great tank qualities, high HP pool), Anubis (great at dodging and causing loads of Ground DMG), and Frostallion. The latter is quite a luxury to have since it is a Legendary Pal, but if you happen to take it with you, it’ll make things easier.

How to beat Marcus & Faleris in Palworld

marcus and Faleris in Palworld
Faleris has a lot of mobility, so bring long-range weapons.
  • Location – PIDF Tower
  • Coordinates – 556, 336
  • Boss HP – 147,000

Faleris, the fourth Palworld boss, is a Fire-type Pal, so Water-type Pals are your best pick for the battle. Faleris also flies, which complicates things for targeting. Bring a Single-shot Rifle, Assault Rifle, or Rocket Launcher to chip Faleris’ health from a safe distance while your Pal tanks its intense Fire attacks.

This is a level 45 Fight, so by this moment, all your Pals must be around the same level, and you should be quite experienced with the main mechanics behind boss fights.

Having a Heat Resistance Armor and Fire Resistance Accessories also helps. Bring the following Pals to the fight: Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, Relaxaurus (your main tank), and Azurobe. If you have two Relaxaurus, the better. Switch between them when their HP depletes to avoid unnecessary damage.

How to beat Victor & Shadowbeak in Palworld

Shadowbeak and Victor in Palworld
Shadowbeak will target the player more than its Pals, so keep this in mind.
  • Location – PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower
  • Coordinates – -146,448
  • Boss HP – 200,000

Lastly, Victor and Shadowbeak are the final encounter you will face in Palworld and you must be prepared as this is a Level 50 Fight.

Shadowbeak is a Shadow Pal, so Dragon-type Pals are the best counters for it. Bring your Dragon heavy hitters and make sure you have a Dark Resistance Accessory equipped, and the best Armor and Shield to quell some damage. The Assault Rifle is especially good during this fight, so bring lots of ammo.

Use hit-and-run tactics, as Shadowbeak will launch intense AoE and targeted attacks on you, it will rarely target your Pal, so keep on the move, hide behind Pillars, shoot, run, and repeat.

Great Pals to have during this fight include the powerful Jormuntide Ignis, Astegon, Quivern, and the best, Relaxaurus Lux, which has quite the tanky capabilities, and its Pal Skill Missile Party will do loads of damage to aerial enemies, such as Shadowbeak.

All Palworld Alpha Pal bosses and how to beat them

Here’s a list of all the Palworld Alpha Pal bosses, their locations, and the best counters you can use to beat them easily:

Alpha Pal bossLevelLocation coordinatesBest counters
Sweepa11-227, -594Fire Pals like Foxsparks, Arsox, and Suzaku.
Chillet11171, -416Fire Pals like Arsox, Suzaku, and Foxsparks.
Killamari13DungeonsDragon Pals like Jormuntide Ignis, Azurobe, and Quivern.
Gumoss13-110, -628Water Pals like Penking, Surfent, and Teafant.
Dumud 14-352, 76Water Pals like Azurobe, Gobfin, and Surfent.
Penking15113, -353Electric Pals like Beakon and Univolt.
Grintale17359, -245Dark Pals like Daedream, Hoocrates, Vanwyrm.
Azurobe17-23, -386Electric Pals like Beakon, Mossanda Lux, and Rayhound.
Nitewing18-273, -69Dark Pals like Vanwyrm, Depresso, and Pyrin Noct.
Felbat23-408, -54Dragon Pals like Jormuntide Ignis, Azurobe, and Relaxaurus.
Quivern23-258, -129Ice Pals like Penking, Ice Reptyro, and Frostallion.
Kingpaca2347, -464Dark Pals like Vanwyrm Crest, Pyrin Noct, and Blazehowl Noct.
Bushi23-119, -392Water Pals like Penking, Surfent, and Azurobe.
Katress23241, -335Dragon Pals like Jetragon, Relaxaurus Lux, and Jormuntide.
Fenglope25-256, -457Dark type Pals like Pyrin Noct, Shadowbeak, and Vanwyrm Crest.
Petalia 28-20, -226Fire Pals like Bushi, Wixen, and Blazehowl.
Beakon29-346, -254Ground Pals like Anubis, Warsect, and Menasting.
Broncherry Aqua30-166, -447Electric Pals like Beakon and Univolt.
Warsect 30160, -226Fire Pals like Suzaku and Kitsin.
Elphidran3045, -285Ice Pals like Ice Reptyro, Sibelyx, and Penking.
Univolt31-123, -538Ground Pals like Anubis and Warsect.
Relaxaurus Lux31-204, -347Ice Pals like Penking, Sibelyx, and Cryolink.
Mossanda Lux31442, -180Ground Pals like Anubis and Warsect.
Elizabee3120, -161Fire Pals like Faleris, Suzaku, and Reptyro.
Lunaris32-150, -660Dark Pals like Lyleen Noct, Felbat, and Shadowbeak.
Verdash35286, 8Fire Pals like Ragnahawk, Blazamut, and Kitsun.
Wumpo Batan38288, -122Fire Pals like Ragnahawk, Blazamut, and Kitsun.
Vaelet38129, -52Fire Pals like Reptyro, Blazamut, and Ragnahawk.
Mammorest38176, -474Fire Pals like Jormuntide Ignis, Reptyro, and Wixen.
Sibelyx40251, 72Fire Pals like Vanwyrm, Bushi, Pyrin Noct, and Reptyro.
Menasting44513, 100Grass Pals like Dinossom, Lyleen, and Warsect.
Suzaku 45403, 254Water Pals like Suzaku Aqua, Jormuntide, and Azurobe.
Jormuntide45-176, -272Electric Pals like Orserk, Beakon, and Grizzbolt.
Ice Kingpaca46-235, 474Fire Pals like Reptyro, Jormuntide Ignis, Faleris, and Blazamut.
Dinossom Lux47349, 533Ground Pals like Anubis, Warsect, and Ice Reptyro.
Anubis47-134, -95Grass Pals like Mossanda, Lyleen, and Wumpo Botan.
Astegon48Head to the Destroyed Minecraft on 578, -418 to find the secret passage. Ice Pals like Frostallion, Cryolink, and Penking.
Lyleen Noct49Head to the Iceberg Mineshaft on -140, 317 to find the secret passsage.Dragon Pals like Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, and Jetragon.
Blazamut49Enter the scorcing Mineshaft at -435, -533Water Pals like Suzaku Aqua, Azurobe, Penking, and Jormuntide.
Frostallion50-354, 499Fire Pals like Blazamut and Jormuntide Ignis.
Jetragon50-789, -321Ice Pals like Cryolink, Ice Kingpaca, and Frostallion.
Necromus50443, 676Dragon Pals like Orserk, Jormuntide, and Jetragon.
Paladius50443, 676Dark Pals like Pyrin Noct, Shadowbeak, and Helzephyr.

And that’s all you need to know about all Palworld bosses and how to beat them. For more info on Palworld and some useful advice, check out the following links:

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