How to get Blazamut Ryu Slabs in Palworld

Souhardya Choudhury
Palworld player in water

If you want to take on Blazamut Ryu, a Raid Boss in Palworld‘s Sakurajima island, you’ll have to collect a Blazamut Ryu Slab to summon it.

However, getting it starts with collecting fragments, so here’s everything you need to know to summon the boss.

How to craft

To craft Blazamut Ryu Slabs, you will need four Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments, that are available in Cherry Blossom Cave Dungeons located in Sakurajima. However, keep in mind that these Dungeons are quite difficult and your experience will not be as smooth as it was in the base game.

These Dungeons are located in the same region, in the northwestern part of the Sakurajima map, and have a recommended level of at least 52. So make sure that you are well-prepared before you head into them.

Once you have collected four Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments, simply head over to any workbench, and make the Slab.

Blazamut Ryu is a Raid Boss in Palworld
Summoning the Blazamut Ryu requires a bunch of resources.

How to summon

To summon the Raid Boss, you’ll need to craft the Summoning Altar, which is unlocked at level 33 in the Technology tree. It requires 100 Stones and 20 Paldium Fragments to make.

Once you are done making the altar, use the Slab you just crafted before and that’s everything needed to summon the Raid Boss. Do note that the Altar can only be used once, so you’ll have to go back and collect its crafting materials if you want to use it again.

As you are looking to collect all the crafting items, make sure that you explore the island as well, as you can come across materials required to make Plasteel, or even useful Pals like Mimog that drops Dog Coins.