Fastest mounts in Palworld: Best Pals for swimming, flying & ground

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Ragnahawk in Palworld

The Palworld map can be daunting to explore, and it’s become a necessity to get a mount to find everything the world has to offer. This guide will look at the fastest mounts in swimming, flying, and ground categories.

There are a variety of Pals in Palworld to choose from when thinking about mounts, and it can be daunting to try and figure out which ones are best.

Some mounts in Palworld can also be slower than others, which makes the experience a little more frustrating than it needs to be. This guide will take you through which mounts are the fastest for swimming, flying, and ground in Palworld. 

Fastest swimming Palworld mounts

Swimming mounts in Palworld are essential if you want to explore the waters of the Palapagos Islands, and there are a few good for early to endgame. 

Some good options for swimming mounts in Palworld are: 

  • Jormuntide 
  • Surfent 
  • Azurobe 
  • Chillen

The fastest swimming mount you can get in Palworld right now is Jormuntide. This Serpent is extremely fast, but you need Technology Level 39 to unlock its saddle. It can also be a pain to capture in the water, as it is one of the strongest Pals in Palworld right now.

Jormuntide in Palworld
Jormuntide is a boss Pal that you can capture and mount in Palworld.

In the meantime, Surfent, Chillen, and Azurobe are good early-mid game options for fast water travel. Especially if you want to catch Azurobe, who can only be found in water, Surfent and Chillen are good early game picks to help you traverse the waters of Palworld. 

Azurobe’s saddle can be crafted at Technology Level 24 and it is faster than both Surfent and Chillen, so we suggest working toward capturing it as soon as you can for the fastest early game mount. 

Best mounts for flying in Palworld

Palworld lets you fly around the map on mounts, which is useful for exploration and scoping out where everything is. 

The fastest flying mounts in Palworld are: 

  • Beakon 
  • Ragnahawk 
  • Jetragon 
  • Faleris 

Jetragon is a legendary Pal, which means that you will have to gain some strength and level properly before you can capture it. Jetragon is actually the fastest mount in the entire game, which makes it an essential catch. 

If you are just starting out, though, this will not be possible just yet. So, the best options for early-mid game exploration are Ragnahawk, Faleris, and Beakon. Ragnahawk is a great option for both speed and power, and its saddle can be crafted at Technology Level 37. 

Jetragon in Palworld
Jetragon is the fastest mount in Palworld right now.

Faleris is a more mid-endgame option, with its saddle being craftable at Technology Level 38, and it can only be found in one of the endgame areas of the island. It will also most likely be the fastest Pal you have access to until you are able to capture Jetragon. 

As such, Beakon is one of the best early-mid game picks for a flying mount. Not only is it pretty fast, but it can help you catch Water Element Pals with its Electric attacks. 

Fastest ground mounts in Palworld

Ground mounts in Palworld will most likely be some of your first mounts in the game, and there are a lot of options from early to endgame that will help you explore the island faster. 

The fastest ground mounts we recommend are: 

  • Fenglope 
  • Direhowl 
  • Necromus 
  • Eikthyrdeer

For the early game, Eikthyrdeer is an excellent choice because you only need Technology Level 12 to craft its saddle. It also has Antler Uppercut, which helps you move faster and attack enemies. 

Another early game option is the Direhowl, whose saddle can be crafted at Technology Level 9. It is available earlier than the Eikthyrdeer, and it also lets you ride on a wolf-inspired Pal instead. 

Fenglope in Palworld
Fenglope is a great early-mid game option for a mount in Palworld.

Fenglope is one of the early-mid game Pals that you’re going to want to find quickly. Its partner skill, Wind and Clouds, gives you an incredible boost to speed and its saddle can be crafted at Technology Level 26. 

Necromus is the legendary version of these recommendations, so you will likely only get it much later in the game. It is the fastest ground mount in Palworld and its saddle is unlocked at Technology Level 49. 

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