Best starter Pals in Palworld: Skills & stats explained

Lucas Simons
Best Starter Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, Starter Pals are low-level Pals you can get around the main starting points. Here’s all you need to know about them, including which are more powerful, their skills, and more.

Players that start their Palworld adventures will soon find that Starter Pals are the easiest species to catch. They roam around the low-level areas and grant considerably good Pal Skills. However, knowing which one to get at first can be tricky.

If you are thinking about starting to play Palworld, what’s better than knowing beforehand which will be your first partner to explore the Palpagos Islands? After all, with all those incredible Pals to catch, it’s going to be a long and challenging journey.

So here are the best Starter Pals in Palworld, along with their stats, skills, and locations.

Where to find the best Starter Pals in Palworld

Starter Pals will often roam around one of the many spawn points in Palworld’s map, and while it is true that in the vanilla gameplay, all players start at the same spawning points, depending on server configuration, you can spawn in one of multiple places.

Now we will address the best Starter Pals in the game, alongside their most frequent spawning areas, highlighted skills, and why you should choose them as partners.


Cattiva can be found in most spawning points in Palworld, especially in the Windswept Hills/Plateau of Beginnings area. This pink cat Pal has one of the most useful Pal Skills for farmers in the whole game: Cat Helper, which increases the player’s max carrying capacity by 50.

Cattiva in Palworld
Cattiva is the best and most balanced Starter Pal.

Cat Helper also stacks, so if you have 5 Cattiva with you in your party, that’s 250 extra carry weight, which is considerably useful.

This pal has a base HP of 70, ATK 70, and DEF 70, a Working Speed of 100, is active the Whole Day (which makes it a great helper at base managing and crafting activities), and has low food consumption.


Nox can be found at night near the Sea Breeze Archipelago/Reef and Windswept Hills/Flying Fish Coast spawning areas in Palworld. Has a base HP of 75, ATK 85, DEF 70, a Work Speed set on 100, a low food consumption, and it’s active by Night.

Nox Palworld
Noxis is the best combat-focused Starter Pal.

What makes Nox such a good partner as a Starter Pal is its Pal Skill, Kuudere, which applies Dark Element damage to the player’s attacks when fighting together. Combining this with the passive from Daedream makes a great combo for tackling down early bosses.


Daedream can be found at night around most spawning areas, especially in Windswept Hills/Plateau of Beginnings. It can be your best Starter Pal or your worst nightmare, as they tend to swarm you. So, if you want to get a Daedream for yourself, try to isolate a low-level one before you engage it.

This Starter Pal has the following stats: HP 70, ATT 100, DEF 60, Work Speed 100, is active during Night, and has an average food consumption rate.

Daedream’s passive is what makes it one of the best Starter Pals. Dream Chaser will only activate when you possess the Daedream Collar (you can craft it in the Pal Gear table), and allows Daedream to become untargettable and to follow you around like a turret, shooting every enemy that you engage.

A player and its Pals in Palworld.
Daedream’s passive makes it incredibly strong in groups of 3 or more.

This passive stacks and you can have your Daedream death squadron following you around and mowing down bosses like a walk in the park. If you combine this with Nox’s passive while he’s active, you will cause loads of damage, so keep that in mind.


Lamball is present in all spawning areas, being your Starter Pal by excellence (or abundance in this case), and you can easily tame one of them if you dodge its Roll Attack on time. This fluffy Pal has its stats as follows: HP 70, ATT 70, DEF 70, Work Speed 100, is active during the Whole Day, and has an low food consumption rate.

Lamball Palworld
Lamball is the best Starter Pal for those who want defense.

Lamball’s Pal Skill is called Fluffy Shield, and when activated, it attaches to the player and becomes a shield, covering some damage before breaking and returning to the fight. It also makes Lamball drop Wool when assigned to the ranch.


Lifmunk is a Starter Pal you can encounter around Palworld Eastern Wild Island and Windswept Hills/Flying Fish Coast spawning points. Its stats are HP 75, ATT 70, DEF 70, Work Speed 100, is active during the Whole Day, and has the lowest food consumption rate.

But what truly makes this Starter Pal special, is the Pal Skill called: Lifmunk Recoil, an active skill that is enabled when you craft the Lifmunk SMG in the Pal Gear table and turns Lifmunk into an auto turret that shoots whoever you target.

Lifmunk in Palworld
Lifmunk is one of the best Starter Pals, both in combat and crafting.

This Skill does massive damage, so it is no wonder that Lifmunk is considered one of the strongest Pals in Palworld, being an S-Tier Pal.

Lifmunk also has considerably versatile work suitability, including Planting Lv1, Handiwork Lv1, Lumbering Lv1, Medicine Production Lv1, and Gathering Lv1.


Foxparks is a Starter Pal you can find by dusk and night near the Marsh Island and Windswept Hills/Plateau of Beginnings spawning zones, it has its base stats set at HP 85, ATT 100, DEF 95, Work Speed 100, is active during the Whole Day, and has a low food consumption rate.

Palworld type
Foxparks is a living flame thrower, having it as a Starter Pal can be a tremendous advantage.

Foxparks Pal Skill, Huggy Fire, allows you to harness the power of flames, turning it into a living flaming thrower, which, in the early stages of the game, is tremendously useful. You just need to craft the Foxparks Gloves in the Pal Gear crafting table.

And that’s all you need to know about the best Starter Pals in Palworld. For more advice and pro tips about the record-breaking survival game, here’s some guidance for you:

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