How to Fast Travel in Palworld: All Great Eagle statue locations

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Multiple Pals with guns in Palworld.

Palworld allows you to explore its lush open world, as that helps you level up as well as find new pals, resources, food, and more. Teleporting is one of the quickest ways to explore the huge world of Palworld, so here’s everything you need to know about how to Fast Travel in Palworld.

Palworld has gained immense popularity since entering its early access stage, and with its player count increasing each day, it’s no wonder that it has made its way to the top of Steam’s most-played game rankings.

With so much to do around the game’s large world, transportation can sometimes be a drag. While there are several Pals that can fly or serve as ground mounts, a quicker method to get around the map is using the Fast Travel ability.

So, here’s how you can unlock and use Fast Travel in Palworld.

Palworld spalsh screen with several Pals.
Palworld allows you to Fast Travel across the map.

How to unlock Fast Travel in Palworld

To unlock Fast Travel in Palworld, you need to visit the many Fast Travel points on the game’s map. These are represented by tall blue or red-colored pillars scattered around the Galapagos islands. They have the statue of an Eagle on them, and when you interact with one, it’ll automatically be unlocked for Fast Travel while also giving you a Technology Point.

Unlock enough of these and you’ll construct a network of Fast Travel points to quickly get around the map when you don’t feel like riding your mount or running. We suggest unlocking them as soon as you come across them, as the sheer size of Palworld’s map may make you want to Fast Travel more often than you think.

Another reason to unlock Fast Travel points as soon as possible is to save yourself time if you get eliminated while playing. You may not want to manually travel to your last location after dying, especially if it’s on the other side of the map.

How to use Fast Travel in Palworld

Once you unlock Fast Travel in Palworld, you can use it by simply interacting with one of the Fast Travel points and pressing the “F” key on your keyboard, the “X” button on an Xbox controller, or the Square button on a Playstation controller when prompted.

This will open up the game’s map, where you can view every Fast Travel point you’ve unlocked as a blue eagle. Select one of these, and you’ll be asked whether you want to Fast Travel. Select “Yes”, and you’ll be teleported to the location you requested.

All Great Eagle statue locations

Palworld’s map is divided into four major sections:

  • The Starter Archipelago and Forests, which branch out from the middle.
  • The Volcanic area on the far left.
  • The Glacier or Tundra region towards the north.
  • The Desert area towards the northeast.

Here are all the 57 Great Eagle statue locations scattered over each region on the Palworld map:

All Starter Archipelago and Forest Fast Travel locations in Palworld

All Starter Archipelago fast travel locations
The Starter Archipelago is probably where you’ll have many early-game adventures.

The Starter Archipelago is where you’ll most likely spend the early hours of your playthrough. This area has 41 Eagle Statues for Fast Travel, tons of greenery and forests as well as many islands, both large and small.

Eagle Statue NameLevel Required
Plateau of Beginnings1
Marsh Island1
Natural Bridge1
Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef1
Forgotten Island3
Grassy Behemoth Hills5
Small Settlement5
Marsh Island Church Ruins5
Eastern Wild Island5
Forgotten Island Church Ruins5
Ice Wind Island5
Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance10
Fort Ruins10
Small Cove10
Sea Breeze Archipelago Church10
Azurobe Hill10
Desolate Church15
Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings15
Bridge of the Twin Knights17
Islandhopper Coast20
Ravine Entrance20
Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster23
Ascetic Falls25
Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant25
Ancient Ritual Site25
Cinnamoth Forest25
Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon30
Investigator’s Fork30
Deep Bamboo Thicket30
Hypocrite Hill30
Lake Center30
Mount Flopie Summit30
Gobfin’s Turf30
Mossanda Forest30
Sealed Realm of the Guardian35
Snowy Mountain Fork35
Sealed Realm of the Swift35
Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance35
Cold Shore40
Icy Weasel Hill43
No Man’s Trail43

All Glacier Fast Travel locations in Palworld

Glacier fast travel locations palworld
The Glacier region is filled with snowy forests and mountains.

The Glacier region has four Eagle Statue locations for Fast Travel, and between them, they allow you to navigate the icy tundra efficiently. This region has some high-level Pals as well, so be careful and be prepared to fight with good armor and weapons.

Eagle Statue NameLevel Required
Pristine Snow Field45
PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance45
Land of Absolute Zero45
Unthawable Lake45

All Volcano Fast Travel locations in Palworld

Volcano fast travel locations palworld
The Volcano region has tons of ruined cities and a barren landscape, but its beaches are surprisingly lush.

The Volcano region has eight Eagle Statue locations for Fast Travel, with each of them being conveniently spaced out on the map. The Volcano region isn’t that big, but it’s always nice to explore it with a mount.

Eagle Statue NameLevel Required
Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance30
Mount Obsidian Midpoint30
Ruined Fortress City30
Fisherman’s Point33
Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue33
Beach of Everlasting Summer33
Ancient Civilization Ruins35
Foot of the Volcano35

All Desert Fast Travel locations in Palworld

Desert region fast travel locations.
Remember to equip heat protection when exploring the Desert region.

The Desert region has four Eagle Statue locations for Fast Travel. You need to be careful when wandering into this region, as it has some of the strongest Pals in the game as well as extremely high temperatures, which will require you to equip a combination of heat protection and good armor.

Eagle Statue NameLevel Required
Sand Dunes Entrance40
PIDF Tower Entrance45
Deep Sand Dunes50

That’s everything you need to know about Fast Travel in Palword. For more on the open-world survival game, check out our articles below:

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