Best Water Pals in Palworld: Tier list for all Water types

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Water Pals in Palworld

There are well over a hundred Pals in Palworld that you can add to your collection, either by finding them on the map or by breeding. If you’re looking to get the strongest Water Pals in Palworld, here’s our tier list, ranking all the Water types from best to worst.

Palworld has been the talk of the town, since its release on January 19, largely due to the millions of players diving into its servers to create their worlds. You’ll come across plenty of Pals during your quest for survival, and you can use them for various things like combat, base building, and gathering resources.

Every Pal has a unique design and can perform several skills based on their type or element, ranging from Electric, Grass, Ground, Water, Ice, Dragon, Neutral, Fire, and Dark. The Water types are strong against Fire types and also help you with Watering your crops.

Whether you’re looking to get the strongest Water Pals in Palworld for engaging in combat, or simply want to add them to your base, here’s our tier list, ranking every Water Pal from best to worst.

Pals in Palworld
Palworld has 14 Water Pals in its Early Access.

Palworld Water Pals tier list

Jormuntide and Suzaku Aqua are some of the best Water Pals in Palworld, and considering their impressive stats, they’re also among the strongest Water types when it comes to combat.

Here’s our tier list, ranking every Water Pal from best to worst in the game:

SJormuntide, Suzaku Aqua
AAzurobe, Penking, Relaxaurus, Elphidran Aqua
BSurfent, Gobfin, Broncherry Aqua, Kelpsea
CCelaray, Teafant
DPengullet, Fuack

Keep in mind that your tier list might be different from ours as we’ve taken the regular versions of every Water Pal into consideration, with several factors like their damage profile and Work Suitability determining our picks.

Every Pal, regardless of their type, can get a significant improvement if you optimally use the breeding feature, along with feeding them good food to buff the stats.

Best Water type Pals in Palworld

5. Relaxaurus

Player petting Relaxaurus in Palworld
Often deceived by its gentle looks, Relaxaurus can pack quite a punch.
  • Paldeck: No. 085
  • How to get:
    • Easy to find roaming in the Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon regions of the map. Keep in mind that you can only find a Relaxaurus during the daytime.
    • Breed any of the following pairs – Mossandra x Cryolinx, Nitewing x Cryolinx, Penking x Suzaku, Sweepa x Cryolinx, Penking x Shadowbeak, Mossanda x Astegon, Nitewing x Astegon.
    • Can be bought from a Black Marketeer.
  • Partner Skill: Hungry Missile – Can be ridden. Can rapidly fire a missile launcher while mounted.
  • Work Suitability: Transporting (Lv. 1), Watering (Lv. 2)
  • Food: 7/10
  • Possible Drops: High Quality Pal Oil, Ruby
  • Skills: Dragon Cannon, Aqua Gun, Dragon Burst, Bubble Blast, Draconic Breath, Aqua Burst, Dragon Meteor

Relaxaurus is a Dragon and Water-type Pal in Palworld and can be worth catching as early as possible. While it’s nice to have around the base for Watering purposes, it can also help you transport items swiftly across the map.

4. Penking

Penking in Palworld
A jack of all trades in Palworld, Penking can prove to be of great help in your base.
  • Paldeck: No. 011
  • How to get:
    • Easy to find in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary Island, situated at the Southern end of the map. You can only access this island using a flying or swimming Pal.
    • Breed any of the following pairs – Cinnamoth x Surfent, Eikthyrdeer x Cryolinx, Mozzarina x Cryolinx, Incineram x Sibelyx, Cinnamoth x Elphidran
    • Can be bought from a Black Marketeer
  • Partner Skill: Brave Sailor – While fighting together, Fire Pals drop more items when defeated.
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork (Lv. 2), Transporting (Lv. 2), Watering (Lv. 2), Mining (Lv. 2), Cooling (Lv. 2)
  • Food: 8/10
  • Possible Drops: Ice Organ, Penking Plume
  • Skills: Aqua Gun, Iceberg, Emperor Slide, Cryst Breath, Aqua Burst, Blizzard Spike, Hydro Laser

Penking is an Ice and Water-type and is one of the best Pals to have in your base, especially during the early game, largely due to the range of its abilities to help speed up the processes in your base. It’s also among the few Pals who can carry out five types of work.

3. Azurobe

Azurobe in Palworld
It can use two types of skills.
  • Paldeck: No. 082
  • How to get:
    • Easy to find in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary Island, located at the Southern end of the map, and to make your way to the island, you’ll need a swimming or flying Pal.
    • Catch the Azurobe Alpha Boss (Level 17) in the water area, towards the West of the Bridge of the Twin Knights fast travel point.
    • Breed any of the following pairs – Penking x Cinnamoth, Nitewing x Incineram, Mossanda x Surfent, Celaray x Cryolinx, Incineram x Sweepa, Cinnamoth x Grintale, Elizabee x Univolt
  • Partner Skill: Waterwing Dance – Can be ridden to travel on water. Applies Water damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.
  • Work Suitability: Watering (Lv. 3)
  • Food: 6/10
  • Possible Drops: Cloth
  • Skills: Aqua Gun, Dragon Cannon, Bubble Blast, Dragon Burst, Draconic Breath, Hydro Laser, Dragon Meteor

While Azurobe’s Level 3 Watering by itself is enough to have this Pal around your base, it also boasts impressive stats to help you overpower Fire types. You can also ride it to travel across water, giving a decent buff to your attacks while mounted.

Azurobe can also perform a few Dragon skills due to being a Dragon and Water type.

2. Suzaku Aqua

Suzaku Aqua in Palworld
One of the most mysterious looking Pals in the title.
  • Paldeck: No. 102B
  • How to get:
    • Breed Jormuntide and Suzaku. You can also try breeding Suzaku with any Water type, with a high chance of getting a Suzaku Aqua egg every time.
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Water – Can be ridden as a flying mount. Enhances Water attacks while mounted.
  • Work Suitability: Watering (Lv. 3)
  • Food: 8/10
  • Possible Drops: Pal Fluids
  • Skills: Hydro Jet, Ice Missile, Aqua Gun, Cryst Breath, Aqua Burst, Blizzard Spike, Hydro Laser

True to its name, Suzaku Aqua looks just like Suzaku with a dark blue appearance. It’s one of the few Water Pals that can fly, however, you’ll have to mostly rely on breeding to get it in your party, as you can’t find Suzaku Aqua anywhere on the map.

1. Jormuntide

Jormuntide in Palworld
A boss Pal that you can capture and mount in Palworld.
  • Paldeck: No. 101
  • How to get:
    • Can be found in two lakes, around the coordinates (-176, -268) and (351, -85).
    • Breed any of the following pairs – Cinnamoth x Cryolinx, Sweepa x Beakon, Nitewing x Grizzbolt, Mossanda x Helzephyr, Nitewing x Helzephyr, Cinnamoth x Orserk, Penking x Jetragon
  • Partner Skill: Stormbringer Sea Dragon – Can be ridden to travel on water. While mounted, prevents stamina depletion while moving over water.
  • Work Suitability: Watering (Lv. 4)
  • Food: 7/10
  • Possible Drops: Pal Fluids
  • Skills: Aqua Gun, Dragon Cannon, Draconic Breath, Aqua Burst, Tri-Lightning, Hydro Laser, Dragon Meteor

Jormuntide is by far the best Water Pal to have in your base, and given its impressive stats, it’s also one of the strongest Water types in the game. You can move quickly across water bodies while riding Jormuntide for longer periods.

If you’re struggling to catch a Jormuntide, you can simply breed the above-mentioned Parent pairs, and hatch their Egg to get this beast in your collection.

Where to find Water Pals in Palworld?

You can find most of the Water Pals on the banks of the river, lakes, or at the beach. You can also hatch Huge Damp Eggs found around in the same areas, to get Suzuka Aqua and more Water types.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about the best Water Pals in Palworld. For more content on the game, be sure to give these a look:

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