How to improve Capture Rate in Palworld

Souhardya Choudhury
Pals in PalworldPocketpair

You’ll hinder your Palworld progress with a low Capture Rate and it must be increased alongside your level. To catch the best Pals, including Legendary ones, check out how to increase Pal Capture Rate in Palworld.

Although Palworld’s player base is gradually decreasing, it is still one of the most-played games on Steam alongside CS2 and Helldivers 2. Survival is key in this title, and for that, you’d want to capture as many strong Pals as possible.

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The current level cap for players and Pals in Palworld is 50, and to not be overwhelmed by the stronger Pals, you must improve the strength of your team by capturing high-level pals. This is where a high Capture Rate can turn the tide for you, and here’s how to increase the Pal Capture Rate in Palworld.

How to increase Pal Capture Rate in Palworld

These are the best ways to increase your Pal Capture Rate in Palworld:

Collect and spend Lifmunk Effigies

Lifmunk Effigy in PalworldPocketpair
Lifmunk Effigies can be collected throughout the map like Eggs.

The map in Palwolrd is full of shiny green Lifumk Effigies that you can collect and then submit at a Statute of Power to increase your Capture Rate. The process also hands out stat upgrades, so taking some out to get as many Lifmunk Effigies as you can is certainly worth the effort.

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Usually, Lifmunk Effigies are found in a mix of relatively open and hidden locations such as behind waterfalls, on top of peaks, and inside ruins. As for the Statue of Power, it can be unlocked at level 6 through Technology Points.

Increase Pal Capture Rate setting

Palworld lets you customize world settings, and you can use this feature to increase the Pal Capture Rate in your world. Moving the setting’s slider all the way to the right can almost double your chances instantly, but this is only recommended if you’re fine with creating another world.

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The settings of an existing world cannot be changed and only a new world will let you enjoy the increased Pal Capture Rate from the start.

Shock, freeze, burn, and poison Pals

Frostallion being pet in PalworldPocketpair
Ice Pals are strong against Dragon Pals in combat.

By shocking, freezing, burning, and poisoning Pals through the respective attacks and then throwing your Sphere can drastically increase your Capture Rate in Palworld. Naturally, you’ll need Electric, Ice, Fire, and Dark/Grass Pals to initiate attacks that have these status effects.

Do note that all attacks from these Pals don’t trigger shock and freeze or apply poison and burning. Also, be careful while using poison and burning moves because the enemy Pal might be defeated by the damage over time.

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Freezing and shocking opponents, on the other hand, temporarily stuns them and it is a much more reliable strategy to increase the Capture Rate. At the same time, it’ll be easier for you to aim and not waste any valuable resources.

Lower Pal health

Lamball PalworldPocketpair
Lamball is the best Starter Pal for those who want defense.

One of the best ways of catching Pals in Palworld is by making them weak and vulnerable before trying to do so. Many players tend to grow impatient and use their Pal Spheres too early when it is still strong enough to reject them.

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So, make sure that you have lowered the Pal’s health enough so that it can be captured easily. However, be wary of your attacks as too many blows can kill the wild Pal as well, which would just be a waste if you went out to capture them.

Upgrade the quality of Pal Spheres

Getting hold of better Pal Spheres such as Mega, Giga, and Ultra is a very important step if you want to increase your Capture Rate, especially when you are stronger and aiming for high-level Pals in Palworld. So once you are starting to see that your regular Spheres are not working even after making Pals weaker, it’s time to switch to better ones.

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Here’s a rundown of all the Pal Spheres in Palworld and how you can start producing them:

Pal Spheres and how to unlock themHow to produceItems required to make Pal Sphere workbench & LinesItems required to make Pal Spheres
Pal Sphere (Spend 1 Technology Point at Tier 2)
Mega Sphere (Spend 2 Technology Points at Tier 14)
Giga Sphere (Spend 3 Technology Points at Tier 20)
Sphere Workbench (Spend 3 Technology Points at Tier 14)– 10x Paldium Fragment
– 30x Wood
– 10x Nail
Pal Sphere – 1x Paldium Fragment, 5x Wood, and 5x Stone
Mega Sphere – 1x Paldium Fragment, 1x Ingot, 5x Wood, and 5x Stone
Giga Sphere – 2x Paldium Fragment, 3x Ingot, 10x Wood, and 2x Cement
Hyper Sphere (Have Factory Level 2 at Tier 27)Sphere Assembly Line (Spend 3 Technology Points at Tier 27)– 30x Paldium Fragment
– 50x Wood
– 20x Nail
– 100x Ingot
Hyper Sphere – 3x Paldium Fragment, 3x Ingot, 10x Wood, and 2x Cement
Ultra Sphere (Spend 4 Technology Points at Tier 35)
Legendary Sphere (Spend 5 Technology Points at Tier 44).
Sphere Assembly Line II (Spend 5 Technology Points at Tier 35)– 50x Paldium Fragment
– 30x Nail
– 10x Circuit Board
– 100x Refined Ingot
Ultra Sphere – 5x Paldium Fragment, 5x Refined Ingot, 10x Circuit Board, 30x Nail, and 50x Paldium Fragment
Legendary Sphere – 10x Paldium Frament, 5x Pal Metal Ingot, 3x Carbon Fiber, and 5x Cement

Back bonus to increase Pal Capture Rate

Just like in most other action games, the back is the weak spot for opponents in Palworld. This is why, there’s a small chance of getting a successful capture if you hit them with the Pal Sphere from the back. However, this is not a very reliable method of doing so, as it heavily depends on chance and luck.

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To ensure success, double-check that you have the back bonus activated before throwing the Pal Sphere.

This was everything you had to know about increasing your Capture Rate in Palworld. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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