Overwatch 2 players call for new feature to buff Support Heroes

Joseph Pascoulis
lucio in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players are calling for a feature that was seen in the PvE trailers to be brought as a buff for Support Heroes in Season 1.

Overwatch 2 has only just begun its first season as a free-to-play title, introducing an abundance of change to the hero shooter and new characters such as Kiriko.

While not everyone is happy with the changes, including the removal of Lootboxes, the devs are working hard to bring updates and keep the community satisfied, recently giving away a free skin and double XP weekend due to server issues at launch.

One thing many were disappointed not to see in Overwatch 2 was the PvE Story mode. While the mode is supposedly arriving in the near future, some players noticed a feature for a trailer that would go down extremely well as a buff for Support Heroes in the multiplayer.

Reddit user DisciplineHead7005 highlighted this PvE feature in a recent post, feeling as though it “needs to be in the game,” and that it would “help a lot.”

The feature is a “teams healthbars ui,” which provides the player with how much health each of their squadmates has in real-time. This feature was shown in the Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer, with clips of Support Hero Lucio in the PvE mode.

The OP feels that Support Heroes could benefit greatly from this PvE feature, allowing them to keep track of who they may need to heal.

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, as many users in the comments also agree. One comment reads, “They have this in Paladins and it really is a massive gamechanger.”

Another also says, “Now that you said it, I’d actually love that. You should probably post it as a feedback in Overwatch Official Forum. They might implement it.” The OP has now sent this suggestion to the Overwatch forum, so we’ll have to wait and see how the devs respond.

However, some do argue that there’s probably a reason it isn’t in PvP, with one comment saying: “I can only assume they didn’t bring it to PvP as it removes some need to be aware of surroundings to track teams health when you can just watch it in the corner.”

Perhaps this is also what the devs think, and that a Support Hero needs to be able to track their teammates in-game rather than having a UI feature that does it for them. Overwatch 2 will likely evolve a lot over time, especially as we get closer to the OW2 Season 2 update.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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